🏜️ A more quiet part of Apremont, even though the walk is only 15 minutes in. Usually there ain't many climbers around, but the only reason is probably that people just don't know about this area. There are plenty to climb here on really good rock quality. You can find two easier circuits around the main part of the area, both newly painted, an orange and an yellow one. A bit further in the area you will find a blue circuit which is only 28 problems long, but has some very nice boulders on the way. Along the blue circuit also goes an orange circuit, almost the same path. For climbers climbing above 6A you can find plenty of nice boulders, mostly low boulders with good landings.

Some really good climbs here would be:

Le Pilier du Désert 7C+
Le Best Of 7C
La Théorie du Complot 7B+
La Corne de Rhino 7C
Endorphines 7A+
Le Dolmen des Vieux 7A+
Pas de Boutons! 7A+
Slopestyle 6C
La Théorie de Filo 6B+
Irrespirable (long) 6C+
Lâcher Prise (droite) 6B+
L'Oubliée 4+

The circuits:
🔵 Blue D+, is a bit further in the area. 1-28 long.
🟠 Orange AD, 1-35 long, around the blue circuit, markings on map AD and the number.
🟠 Orange AD+, 1-30 long, some really nice easier ones on this circuit. Markings on map O or Orange.
🟡 Yellow PD+, 1-29 long. Easy circuit suitable for beginners.

There is still remains of an old circuit which was painted with an orange yellow paint, this one is though to a big amount mossy again and not climbed.

The area dries fairly quickly after rain, but some problems takes days to dry up. And as always, never climb on wet rock!

📶You can find some reception on the higher part of the area, but it would be recommendable to download the guide for offline use. Even though calls come through, data seems to move very slowly around the area.


The first circuits around are planned and marked in the end of the sixties by Alex Schlub. So the area has been known by climbers for a very long time. After 2014 it became more popular because a lot of new climbs were opened by Tony Fouchereau.