Apremont Butte aux Peintres
Never heard? Well, time to change that. This area features some really good looking boulders and it's easy to navigate in the area. Also, it's less than a 5 minute walk into the area.
Walking into the main cluster is jaw dropping experience for most 7A and up climbers, even if there is also a few really good 6A's around.
The entire area is compact and quite fast to walk around and have a look at all the boulders, but just to make things even slightly easier, have a look at these:

Psykokwak 7B+
Elapidae 7B+
Gecko Tokay 7B
Le Borgne assis 7A+
Approche du Loin assis 7A (direct 7A+)
Laid Mental assis 7A
L'Aller des Chats Teigneux 6C
Apprenti Brosseur 6C
Le V de Lune 6B+
La Tonchard 6A+
Le Beau est Mien 6A+

There might also be some sneaky first ascents to brush up.. ;)
So next time the crew is heading for "Apremont", maybe take the easy way, park directly in the beginning, walk up towards the Medaillon and have a look at this area.