Something new for the spring 2019. This crag has a good range of problems, from easy to hard. Some of the routes have potential to become small classics.
The forest is beautiful and calm. The crags have good shade from the trees. Some of the lines dry quick and some have cracks that may take some time to dry out.

Some trash has been dumped there years ago but maybe we can help with the cleaning. ;)


This might be a new crag or an old crag from back in the days . But in spring 2016 F.Sundman found this place and started developing it himself. A bit later he invited M.Uponen for some of the remaining projects. Sorry about the slow publishing.


The area is access sensitive!

Please pay attention to holds before you grab them. In 20.5.2019 some climbers found glass chips on holds and cracks which had been placed there intentionally.

There are some houses above the crags so keep noice to a minimum. There is also a bird nesting area to the other direction. There is a nice path from parking to the crags.