A very popular and very fast drying area close to Roche aux Sabots and Cul de Chien. The area is very suitable for families featuring a lot of easy to intermediate hard climbs. It's also a very nice beach-like area to spend a rest day at.

Some nice climbs to try would be:

Flipper 6b
Flipper assis or assis droite 7A
Le sous-plomb 7A+
La Sirène 5+
Ingratitude 5+
Le pin 6A
Le Surplomb de Humbles 6B
L'Arete des Bosses 5+
Skyfall 07 7B+
La goulette 6A

Just to mention a few.

In 91.1 you will find a very nice red circuit with 47 problems in total, excluding the variations. 91.1 also features one Orange AD+ and one Yellow PD+ circuit. Both are 47 long. The circuits has been newly repainted and that's why most guides have the wrong numbers. All circuits start at the same boulder in the east and end at the same one in the west, following almost the same path around the area.

The orange circuit more south is in the guide of Sabots est/91.1 sud.

This is a very nice and fast drying area which should definitely be on the visit list with Cul de chien when you visit Fontainebleau.

ps. for someone who might be interested in making a mark, there might be some un-climbed harder projects in this area..