8 Day Rain is one of the biggest areas around. Over 200 problems with varying grades.

The area is pretty spread out, so be prepared to walk a little. The main approach is short, under 5 minutes.

Some routes worth climbing:

Vanity, 7A
Finder's Keeper, 7A
Bushoning, 7B
Black Mango Chutney, 7C+
Barracuda, 8A
Todd's Sloper Problem, 7A
Downclimb Dyno, 6C
Crazy Legs, 7B
Vlad The Impaler, 7C


This area was found by Wills Young, Lisa Rands, Todd Daniels and Nate Peach in '07 after an 8 day rainstorm, hence the name. With the help of Tony Lamiche, Matt Wilder and others over the next couple of years, many new lines have been added to the mix and now the area is now one of the largest. Many of the problem names were inspired by a book the first ascensionists were reading at the time – The Raw Shark Texts.