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Strange place, but nice sportsclimbing on lava bases stone. Be ready to get dirty...
Owen's River Gorge, dont get me wrong is spectacular in its own way. There is a 900ft STEEP trail that leads into a canyon. This is however after you find the trailhead in a vast open desert. Once you get into the gorge there is a river running through it that is beautiful, and bathrooms, which are also beautiful in their own way. The walls face each other, and there are literally hundreds of routes that line each wall. Some of the classic crags have routes 5.7 to 5.13 on them, which is cool. Some routes even climb out over the river. The negatives of the gorge are the high walls that let loose rock go, too often. It is fun to climb the walls, but there are constant worries of falling rock running through your mind. The other negative is the temperature. The gorge soaks in heat like no other, making just a sunny cold day, a sunny hot day, which isnt always ideal for climbing. The gorge should be checked out, but with the buttermilks, the happys and the sads so close by, it is hard to look past those boulders
Personally I think it's great. And it's improving as more water flows through the gorge. But for many, it's just too close to the Buttermilks to warrant spending a day at. But even if you don't climb it, take a rest day and hike down into it, do some exploring.

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