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lives in Phoenix, MD — has visited and listed 35 crags in 6 countries — is a member of The 27 Crags Team and Bouldering in Boulder!

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Buttermilks in the area of Bishop, USA
It is one of the most beautiful climbing areas I have ever been to. There is so much climbing for all levels. It is unlike most climbing areas because you can be so strong but still not succeed because the holds are so small and sharp and there is a lot of slab. It takes some time to get used to the rock but once you start climbing there you dont want to stop
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Ozark Mountains, Arkansas in the area of Fayetteville, AR, USA
Amazing climbing, coolest farm to stay on,awesome animals. A great vacation
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tons of bouldering, easy approaches, great donuts!
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Red Rocks in USA
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so beautiful, quiet, great for all types of climbing or even hiking and camping
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Kraft Boulders in the area of Red Rock Canyon, USA
This is the majority of the bouldering in the Las Vegas area. It is located just outside of Red Rock National Park, so it's free! There is some rope climbing but its pretty much all bouldering and tons of it! Super convenient too and you can find shady and sunny spots at all times of the year
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Roadside in the area of Rocklands, South Africa
Alexandra recommends Secret to Olive's Preserve Cupboard (V7). She red pointed it over 5 years ago.
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Gateway Canyon in the area of Red Rock Canyon, USA
Alexandra recommends The Pork Chop (V4). She flashed it about 1 year ago.

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