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enjoys sport and trad @ 5.7 — has visited and listed 3 crags in 1 country — is a member of Red River Gorge Climbers Confederation and Saint George area

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Grade Total On-sight Flash Red point Top rope Diagram
5.13c 0 0 0 0 0
5.13b 4 0 0 4 0
5.13a 19 0 1 18 0
5.12d 19 1 1 17 0
5.12c 50 3 4 43 0
5.12b 56 9 19 28 0
5.12a 88 24 30 34 0
5.11d 63 20 27 16 0
5.11c 85 29 35 21 0
5.11b 87 33 39 12 3
5.11a 84 39 28 16 1
5.10d 45 20 13 10 2
5.10c 67 26 28 13 0
5.10b 64 27 32 3 2
5.10a 32 19 7 5 1
5.9 52 18 24 8 2
5.8 25 15 5 5 0
5.7 23 8 8 7 0
5.6 8 4 2 1 1
5.5 8 4 4 0 0
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Top rope
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▼ Ascent date Route name Crag name Genre Grade Opinion Rating FA Ascent type Details
2016-01-15 Tuesday Night Tweaker Party Sun City Sport 5.10c
2016-01-15 Imoan Sun City Sport 5.10d
2016-01-15 Waste Not Want Not Sun City Sport 5.12b
On-sight oh yea, very nice route! Probably one of the best
2016-01-15 Wrath of Sores Sun City Sport 5.12c
Red point Hard boulder problem and a little awkward to get to it until you find a good sequence; but worth it for the nice, more relaxed climbing above. 3g.
2016-01-15 Kentucky Roulette Sun City Sport 5.11c
Red point Kentucky Joe!
2016-01-15 Boy Toy Sun City Sport 5.11b
2016-01-15 Scrum Felcher Sun City Sport 5.10c
Flash unique and kind of hard in the corner
2016-01-04 Dodging a Bullet Sandstone Quarry Parking Area Sport 5.12a
Red point Different style than the rest of the crag with some sustained slightly over hanging climbing. tried a couple years ago, 1g this time.
2016-01-03 Pablo Diablo Sandstone Quarry Parking Area Sport 5.12d
Red point ahhh, verrrry nice.
2016-01-02 Choad Warrior Start Sandstone Quarry Parking Area Sport 5.12a
Red point Shorty packs a punch! 2g.
2016-01-02 One-Eyed Jack Sandstone Quarry Parking Area Sport 5.11a
Red point whew. finally sent this thing that used to give me so much trouble!
2015-11-29 I Saw Jesus at the Chains Virgin River Gorge Sport 5.13a
Red point Luckily I didn't see him at the chains! Chose to do this route as my first "warm-up" back to the gorge...expect to find some VRG spice with this beauty. Glad this route has been safely rebolted so that everyone can enjoy it. 5g. (7g if you count the 2x I tried it with Ron last season).
2015-11-23 Getting Warmer New Joe's Boulder V2
2015-11-23 Get Shorty New Joe's Boulder V3
Red point ??
2015-11-23 Chips New Joe's Boulder V7 V6
Red point
2015-11-23 Warm Me Up Scotty New Joe's Boulder V1
2015-11-22 Salsa Verde New Joe's Boulder V5 V4
Flash Really cool starting moves and holds, the top was a bit grovely, but may be better if there is chalk leading you in the correct direction
2015-11-22 Pitbull New Joe's Boulder V6 V5
Red point Fun lowball! With the pony-tail dab... ;)
2015-11-22 Pocketeer New Joe's Boulder V2
2015-11-22 Worm Chubby New Joe's Boulder V3
2015-11-22 Space Chubby New Joe's Boulder V4 V3
Red point Hmmm...not sure if I started this problem correctly? If so, then probably more like a V3 and if not, then proably more like V-way-hard. hah.
2015-10-25 Touch of Grey American Fork Canyon Sport 5.12a
On-sight nice route with bullet limestone at the top - wish it all could be like that!
2015-10-25 Oni American Fork Canyon Sport 5.11c
On-sight shorty!
2015-10-25 Problem Child American Fork Canyon Sport 5.12c
Flash Nice route, with cool moves down low - flashed the bottom, winged it at the top. Maybe a little low in the grade.
2015-08-30 56 The Fins Sport 5.11c
Flash seems like a good pitch, but my feet hurt so bad that it was hard for me to enjoy.
2015-08-29 Two Hitter Quitter The Fins Sport 5.12c
Red point super good! Some try hard at the bottom leads to glory jug climbing in the end! 2g.
2015-08-29 Time will tell The Fins Sport 5.12a
Flash Nice variation that joins the top of Bean Fiddler, offering an easier, good route.
2015-08-23 James Brown's Wild Ride Rifle Sport 5.11d
On-sight James Brown's Pleasant Stroll. Glad to have the bolts in all the right places!
2015-08-21 Modest Mouse Rifle Sport 5.12c
Red point variation off of Defenseless Betty is awesome! Would make a really nice warm-up! Thanks to Pawel for the secret foot beta which made the moves up high feel easy.
2015-08-21 Squeel to Stihl Rifle Sport 5.13b
Red point Nice varied route - a bit sharp on the hands to the crux which felt impossible the first few tries - great headwall climbing with some slippery slopers!
2015-08-18 The Eighth Day Rifle Sport 5.13a
Red point As Pawel would say, this is the Dawn wall of Rifle; and I'm happy to have climbed the most eye catching route in the canyon...8g. (4totop).
2015-08-11 Do the Mashed Potato Rifle Sport 5.7
2015-08-11 Spuds in space Rifle Sport 5.9
2015-08-11 Merry Maids Rifle Sport 5.10a
On-sight Really cool for the grade, kind of a pain to clean
2015-08-07 The Anti-phil Rifle Sport 5.13b
Red point Brilliant! Absolutely loved this route and am happy to have had the pleasure to climb it. Surprised to do it so fast! ~9g.
2015-08-04 Mousetrap Rifle Sport 5.12c
Red point Unique movement and stemmy. Very nice. Did not hand jam (like everyone says you have to), but also did not enjoy one section and had to grovel through it...probably because I refused to hand jam. 2g.
2015-07-27 Super Best Friends Muir Valley Sport 5.12b
Red point SBF is the new BFF! Seemed pretty fitting that Haleigh was belaying me for this one. Thanks for the fun, sweat-filled trip. I reached a new level that I didn't even know possible to sweat so much!
2015-07-26 Ro Shampo Roadside Crag Sport 5.12a
Red point Wow, been on this once probably back in 2008. Pretty intimidated to get back on it now, but had good beta from Ian and Haleigh. Pretty fun, but kind of sharp with good, incut flakes.
2015-07-26 Way Up Yonder Red River Gorge Sport 5.12a
On-sight Typical RRG route that's steep, juggy, and fun! This is technically a RP/OS, since I've done the first pitch (11b) before (2008), but with the lovely huge ledge above the first pitch anchors, I took it as a OS. Stone me. It's nice that Roadside is reopened, so take the opportunity and do all these stellar pitches here!
2015-07-21 49 Maple Canyon Sport 5.12a
Flash nice route - a little scary with some choss that will break soon-ish :/
2015-07-11 Poetic Justice Rifle Sport 5.13a
Red point Poetic justice will be served. Give this route at least 3 tries before you decide whether you like it or not. The top is fun, sporty and physical - plug the kneebar and gooo! Never clipped the last draw until the send go, it was always too tempting to grab :) 6g. 3d.
2015-07-11 Tijuana Crack Whore Rifle Sport 5.10d
On-sight Climbs pretty well for a two-star route.
2015-07-11 Cool world  Rifle Sport 5.11d
On-sight This route is awesome (2.5/3 stars)! Not sure why it only gets two stars in the book. Maybe a little contrived if you climb straight up to get the grade. But ride the jugs slightly left of the bolt line and it's easier and more enjoyable. One of my favorite warm-ups in Rifle so far. Must only get two stars in the book, to keep it a local's secret. Secret's out yah!
2015-07-09 Squawk Box Rifle Sport 5.10b
On-sight had to fight for this one. I thought 10b would have holds...even in Rifle.
2015-07-09 PMS Rifle Sport 5.10d 5.10c
Red point easier than the route to the right, because has it has incut holds! Climbs very nice too.
2015-07-08 Primer Rifle Sport 5.11b
On-sight yup.
2015-07-06 I am Not a Philistine Rifle Sport 5.12c
Red point A little sporty at the top! but definitely worth the journey! 3g.
2015-07-06 Borat Rifle Sport 5.11a
On-sight I made glorious ass-cent for Kazakhstan! Get ready for some funk.
2015-07-06 Carlin Rifle Sport 5.10b
On-sight ahhh, verrrry nice!
2015-07-06 Feline Rifle Sport 5.11a 5.11b
On-sight meow meow meow meow meow. Kitty at my foot and I want to touch it. Puurrrrrr....
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