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enjoys sport and trad @ 5.7 — has visited and listed 3 crags in 1 country — is a member of Red River Gorge Climbers Confederation and Saint George area

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Grade Total On-sight Flash Red point Top rope Diagram
5.13c 0 0 0 0 0
5.13b 1 0 0 1 0
5.13a 7 0 0 7 0
5.12d 10 0 0 10 0
5.12c 24 1 3 20 0
5.12b 34 1 14 19 0
5.12a 51 8 23 20 0
5.11d 46 7 26 13 0
5.11c 59 12 29 18 0
5.11b 59 13 33 10 3
5.11a 57 19 25 12 1
5.10d 32 12 11 7 2
5.10c 51 14 26 11 0
5.10b 46 14 26 4 2
5.10a 23 11 6 5 1
5.9 45 12 23 8 2
5.8 19 9 5 5 0
5.7 16 2 7 7 0
5.6 6 2 2 1 1
5.5 6 3 3 0 0
Yearly top 10 averages
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Top rope
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▼ Ascent date Route name Crag name Genre Grade Opinion Rating FA Ascent type Details
2014-03-22 The Harvest The Motherlode Sport 5.12d
Red point thanks for the pep talk Johnny! Fell at the chains on my second go, coerced someone into getting my draw back and came back the next day to (barely) do it! Woot! surprise send. 3g.
2014-03-18 Robotic Thumb Chocolate Factory Sport 5.10b
Flash So good!
2014-03-18 Enkidu Chocolate Factory Sport 5.11c
Flash This thing has a tufa! Cool crux move, gotta commit to the heel.
2014-03-13 Herd Mentality Coal Bank Hollow Sport 5.12c
Flash Thanks for the beta Eleanor! Another great route at Solar Collector. Maybe a little soft for the grade? I just don't have the perspective yet...
2014-03-11 The Mule Military Wall and Left Flank Sport 5.12c
Red point Flash? Redpoint? Debatable. Either way, this overlooked route is amazing! So psyched to do it first go. I tried it once in 2010 with a bum shoulder and came down at the crux, so I didn't know/remember anything. The break is sort of exciting as you try to mantel while pumped up into an undercling. Great route!
2014-03-09 Crown of Thorns Brightside, Red River Gorge Sport 5.11c
On-sight Very good with some varied climbing.
2014-03-05 The Decline of Western Civilization Gold Coast Sport 5.10a
On-sight Short, nice addition to the wall.
2014-03-05 Ethics Police Coal Bank Hollow Sport 5.11d
Red point Whew! Really fought hard for this one. Beginning of the season and getting back in shape is tough, but I was psyched to do this first go of the year.
2014-02-20 Temperate Zone Utah Hills - Warm-up Wall Sport 5.11b
Flash Yikes! Hard for the grade. Glad I looked at the starting holds while lowering from the other route
2014-02-20 Torrid Zone Utah Hills - Warm-up Wall Sport 5.12a
Red point Really nice route with sustained crimping and movement. This is a small, but nice little wall. 2g.
2014-02-20 Tropical Depression Utah Hills - Warm-up Wall Sport 5.10a
On-sight Wish it were longer!
2014-02-18 Orion Soul asylum Sport 5.10b
On-sight cool water runnel at the top! This is the left most route in this alcove.
2014-02-18 Petrified Soul asylum Sport 5.10c
On-sight Stem-tastic! Cool features on sharp rock, nice and long too.
2014-02-18 Unknown Soul asylum Sport 5.10d
On-sight This is the route in the alcove between Orion and Petrfied, the bolts stop about half way up the wall (why?) but can be easily joined up with the route to the left for an enjoyable, long pitch.
2014-02-18 Vision Seeker Soul asylum Sport 5.12b
Red point Shares the same start as "One Taste" but breaks left after a few bolts. Much more defined crux than its neighbor and exiting the crux there are slim pickings with a tiny, tiny pocket that is finger size dependent. Really enjoyed the top of the route, after the break and coming out of the upper pod. Super cool. 2g.
2014-02-18 Soul Train Soul asylum Sport 5.12a
On-sight Good rock and climbing that keeps building after the break, 11d/12a?
2014-02-16 Blood Drive Soul asylum Sport 5.10c
On-sight Super long, nice climb up the "tower"
2014-02-16 Lost Soul Soul asylum Sport 5.12c 5.12b
On-sight Favorite route at the wall thus far, fun climbing on beautiful rock! I tried the straight up variation with the snake eyes, but didn't want to tear my tendons, so I followed all the chalk out left on the better holds. Feels maybe a little contrived to force the route straight, but the moves still looked cool. Doing the straight up variation would probably make this route 12c (maybe harder?). Either way, great route!
2014-02-16 Nine lives Soul asylum Sport 5.11c 5.11b
On-sight Very nice route - the book describes it as a committing crux, but it has been rebolted and climbs really well.
2014-02-16 White soul power  Soul asylum Sport 5.12a
On-sight Jug-a-haul! Straightforward, pumpy and fun. Wish it were longer.
2014-02-15 Doppelganger Soul asylum Sport 5.11b
2014-02-15 Arch rival Soul asylum Sport 5.10d 5.10c
On-sight Nice slab climbing.
2014-02-15 One taste Soul asylum Sport 5.12b
On-sight Really cool climbing on huecos - I think this is my first 12b onsight.
2014-01-26 Whiners Circle Pequop Sport 5.11a
On-sight Not my favorite at the crag, but minus one kind of hard/awkward move, this route is good.
2014-01-26 G-man Fungus Pequop Sport 5.12a
Flash Really cool! Did this without any real beta but I vaguely watched a couple of people climb it, wish i could take it otherwise. Very nice route!
2014-01-26 Garbage Truck Pequop Sport 5.12c
Red point Really fun/cool to try hard on my onsight-go! Wasn't sure I liked it, but I'm glad I tried again to figure out better beta, because this route climbs really well! Also has some long fall potential! 3g.
2014-01-25 Cigarettes Pequop Sport 5.10c
On-sight Nice and run out. Probably a bit scary if this is close to your limit. Long good route.
2014-01-25 Pork Chop Pequop Sport 5.10d
On-sight Same start as Cigarettes, but much shorter and goes straight up. Some say a little easier too??
2014-01-19 Jurassic Park Pequop Sport 5.11d
Flash Really cool traversing jug/crack line, to an upper face without many obvious holds!
2014-01-19 Brownies Pequop Sport 5.11d
Flash A little heady near the middle...
2014-01-19 Block and Tackle Pequop Sport 5.10c
On-sight A little sharp and could use a little cleaning up, but not bad!
2014-01-19 V-Twin Pequop Sport 5.11b
Flash Very nice! I didn't think it was too bad with beta, but I could see how it could be tricky without it! Neat upper section.
2014-01-18 Noosphere Pequop Sport 5.11b
Flash Thin "slab" crux, but works out really well.
2014-01-18 Lime Green Panties Pequop Sport 5.12a
Flash Interesting route - awkward, "I don't know how to move" little roof section, to crux, to fun jug climbing to anchors. Beta: Don't follow the chalk through the crux!
2014-01-18 Rice Dream Pequop Sport 5.12d 5.12c
Red point wow! What a surprise! Thought the crux was really hard on my first attempt and was surprised to find myself sending on my second go. The route flows really well and climbs beautifully! 2g.
2014-01-18 Cactus Cassie Pequop Sport 5.10c
On-sight No cactus here! Climbs like a mountaineering pitch that good for the style
2014-01-04 Risky Business Pine Creek Canyon Partially... 5.10c
Flash Stellar 4-pitch route. Pitch 1 was my least favorite and was hard to protect. Be ready for some runouts (usually safe)on this route. Great rock quality!
2014-01-03 Black Flag Sandstone Quarry West Sport 5.11c
Flash Good. Think I would enjoy this more if I did it more often.
2014-01-03 Keep Your Powder Dry Sandstone Quarry Parking Area Sport 5.12b
Red point Superman!! 4/5g?
2014-01-02 Agent Orange Sandstone Quarry West Sport 5.12b
Red point Surprise send, good climbing. 2g.
2014-01-02 Everybody's Slave Sandstone Quarry West Sport 5.11d
Flash Definitely overlooked. Another great route on this quality wall. The top climbs like the Red and reminds me how out of shape I am.
2014-01-01 Sonic youth Sandstone Quarry West Sport 5.11d
Flash Fantastic! This wall is a gem.
2013-12-30 See Dick Fly Red Rocks - Second Pullout East Sport 5.10d
2013-12-30 Idiots Rule Red Rocks - Second Pullout East Sport 5.11b 5.11d
Flash Nice route. My book says 11d, and I didn't think it was far off, this would be a hard route if your limit was 11b.
2013-12-29 Cat Walk Red Rocks - First Pullout Sport 5.10a
On-sight Short, but good.
2013-12-29 It's a Bitch Red Rocks - First Pullout Sport 5.10b
2013-12-29 Cujo Red Rocks - First Pullout Sport 5.11d
Flash Crimpy and pumpy, crux is low, flows well, probably the best route on the wall
2013-11-30 Solid Delicacy Welcome springs Sport 5.12c
Red point Delicate and a little tricky at first but climbs really well. 3g.
2013-11-16 Satisfaction Guaranteed Ibex Sport 5.12c
Red point A route in Ibex that climbs like a sport route - kind of short, but it packs it in with its bouldery, slappy start. Flows well and is super fun. Three stars for the area. Listed in the book as a project 13b/c? Not quite. 2d, 5t.
2013-11-16 Knight Ibex Boulder V5
Red point Just get angry and poke its eyeballs out!! Thanks Clay.
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