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enjoys sport and trad @ 5.7 — has visited and listed 3 crags in 1 country — is a member of Red River Gorge Climbers Confederation and Saint George area

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Grade Total On-sight Flash Red point Top rope Diagram
5.13c 0 0 0 0 0
5.13b 1 0 0 1 0
5.13a 10 0 0 10 0
5.12d 12 0 0 12 0
5.12c 36 2 3 31 0
5.12b 42 4 16 22 0
5.12a 64 16 25 23 0
5.11d 53 12 26 15 0
5.11c 69 18 31 20 0
5.11b 70 19 37 11 3
5.11a 64 25 26 12 1
5.10d 35 14 11 8 2
5.10c 56 19 26 11 0
5.10b 48 16 26 4 2
5.10a 25 13 6 5 1
5.9 48 15 23 8 2
5.8 21 11 5 5 0
5.7 16 2 7 7 0
5.6 6 2 2 1 1
5.5 7 3 4 0 0
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Top rope
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▼ Ascent date Route name Crag name Genre Grade Opinion Rating FA Ascent type Details
2014-08-16 Princess Di American Fork Canyon Sport 5.12c
Red point quite different from the other route of the same grade at the crag, but really good as well. 4g.
2014-08-13 Thor Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.10b
On-sight oh yea! long with a cool little roof section. for a 5.10 climber this route is sick!
2014-08-13 Captain insano Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.11d
On-sight oh my toesies hurt a wee bit on this one here. took away from me enjoyment, but could tell it'd be fabulous if you weren't an idiot who warmed up in the blazin' sun...just sayin'
2014-08-13 Napoleon's Highchair Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.12a
On-sight Oi! I felt a little short through the crux just as the name suggests...other than the crux though, I thought the climbing on this was very very gooood!
2014-08-12 You got nothin on me Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.10a
On-sight very cool flake/crack feature, again, too bad it isn't longer
2014-08-12 Boy Howdy Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.9
On-sight i love jugs! too bad this one is a shorty
2014-08-11 Wagon wheel of death Ten Sleep / Mondo Beyondo Sport 5.11c
On-sight nice, long route on the left side of slavery wall
2014-08-11 EKV Ten Sleep / Mondo Beyondo Sport 5.12c
Red point flows well, don't underestimate the pump at the top. 3g.
2014-08-11 Happines in Slavery Ten Sleep / Mondo Beyondo Sport 5.12b
Flash yee-haw! Thanks for the beta jonathan! Next one's good, right?
2014-08-09 Schools out Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.10d
On-sight very nice route with steep big holds at the top.
2014-08-09 Number one enemy (aka: Popsicle sandwich) Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.11a
On-sight crack crimbing
2014-08-09 Wired me awake Ten Sleep / Mondo Beyondo Sport 5.11b 5.11a
On-sight Good movement, just sharp
2014-08-08 Slightly Toasted Cracker Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.11d
On-sight Continuous good crimping. I got sandbagged, thinking it was 11b.
2014-08-08 Bovine Blitz Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.11c
On-sight Sharp. How does this thing get four stars in the book? Would be better if it wasn't so sharp
2014-08-08 Crossbow Chaos Theory Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.11a
On-sight Verrrry nice
2014-08-08 Racing Babies Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.10c
On-sight Nice juggy climbing leads to some sharp holds towards the top, threader!!
2014-08-08 The Eldorado Coral Club Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.10c
On-sight Chufferz!
2014-08-08 I Just Do Eyes Ten Sleep / FCR Sport 5.11b
2014-08-08 Center El Shinto  Ten Sleep / FCR Sport 5.12b
On-sight Sustained climbing, surprised to pull this one out thru the middle sequence
2014-08-07 Tricks are for hookers Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.11b
Flash The approach is the most annoying part of this pitch
2014-08-07 Big Yellow Butterfly Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.11a
On-sight Nice, juggy extension
2014-08-07 The Great White Behemoth Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.12b
On-sight "The next one is good..." -beautiful face climb
2014-08-07 Pick Pocket Ten Sleep Canyon Sport 5.12c
Red point 2g. Maybe easier than behemoth? Liked this one a little more though with it's varied, not straightforward movement.
2014-08-03 40 oz to Freedom American Fork Canyon Sport 5.12c
Red point Fantastic and fun climbing all the way. Particularly enjoy the roof section and next couple of bolts
2014-07-22 Reptiles and Amphetamines Little Si Sport 5.9
On-sight wish this jug haul was longer.
2014-07-22 The Bad Guy Little Si Sport 5.11c
On-sight I didn't know so many gastons could exist in a row!
2014-07-22 Girls in the Gym Little Si Sport 5.10c 5.10b
On-sight Brilliant! Such a fun route that is interesting the whole way
2014-07-15 Son of Jesus Little Si Sport 5.10c
On-sight don't wear new shoes on the master-stem-piece!
2014-07-15 Aborigine Little Si Sport 5.11b
On-sight Super! Fun, powerful little boulder problem at the bottom with nice jugs to the top! I can see why this one gets done a lot.
2014-07-15 Rainy day Women Little Si Sport 5.12a
On-sight surprised myself by reading this one right. Thought I was off a couple times. sustained (minus the obvious no-hands ledge in the middle, hah!)
2014-07-14 Psycho-Wussy Little Si Sport 5.11b
Flash pretty consistent with good flow. The first extension is really good and fun!
2014-07-14 Megatherion Little Si Sport 5.11b
Flash Big move in the middle - with good climbing below and above.
2014-07-08 Dry Spunk Maple Canyon Sport 5.11d
Red point Technically a rp, because I already did Dry Times. I think the left variation is better, but this is still good.
2014-07-06 Bizzler (Electron Blue in the book) Maple Canyon Sport 5.12c 5.12b
On-sight Nice route, a little soft for the grade
2014-07-06 Uncle Bill Maple Canyon Sport 5.12b
Flash a little dirty, but climbs really well. Will give this one another star once it cleans up a little. Watch out for the moving cobble that you have to grab at the top too! Pumpy.
2014-07-06 Spawn of Provo Maple Canyon Sport 5.11d
On-sight a little pumpy for my warm-up
2014-07-06 Dr. Goodkind Maple Canyon Sport 5.12a
Flash powerful start to pumpy climbing.
2014-07-05 The Hitchhiker Maple Canyon Sport 5.11c
On-sight It just keeps going and going and going!
2014-07-05 Beaten into Submission Maple Canyon Sport 5.12a
On-sight Another great one at the crag!
2014-07-05 Forbiddance Maple Canyon Sport 5.12a
On-sight maybe my favorite on the wall? Flows well.
2014-07-05 Never go right Maple Canyon Sport 5.12b
On-sight Yet again, another good one! This was a really fun wall!
2014-07-05 Half-hearted Maple Canyon Sport 5.11a
On-sight Nice warmup for the crag. maybe a little soft...10c/d?
2014-07-03 Dry Times Maple Canyon Sport 5.12a
Red point Freaking awesome! Nice climbing with a slow pump. Technicality makes this a redpoint since it shares the top with Orgasmo. Otherwise, first go!
2014-07-02 Deliverance Maple Canyon Sport 5.12c
Red point Nice route with one boulder problem. 2g.
2014-06-16 Protozoa American Fork Canyon Sport 5.11c
On-sight Nice warmup in the dihedral. Maybe a little soft for the grade?
2014-06-16 Beckoning Call American Fork Canyon Sport 5.12a
Flash Oi. I just got back from the Red, how am I getting so pumped? Nice short route.
2014-06-15 Foreplay American Fork Canyon Sport 5.11c
Red point Better than it looks, foot slipped low on the route. 2g.
2014-06-15 If i only had a brain American Fork Canyon Sport 5.12b
Red point Super! I tried this last year and could barely get through the lower boulder problem, "alzheimer" flash though. Such a cool middle section of big pockets!
2014-06-08 Apetizer American Fork Canyon Sport 5.12b
Red point Wow! Surprised. Tried this a year ago and couldn't do the shouldery boulder problem, came back and figured out some new (easier) beta and really enjoyed it. 3g.
2014-05-26 Team Wilson The Motherlode Sport 5.12d
Red point Didn't think I'd do this pumpfest before the end of my trip. Sustained with good movement and a little bit of everything. 4g.
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