Routes on Smith Rock State Park

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We like Smith Rock State Park

I love dusty desert areas with crimps, glue and pockets.
Smith Rock State Park is any climber's amusement park! The overwhelming amount of rock here leaves all is awe. The 1000 ft. cliffs, the 150 ft. long sport routes and traditional routes, The Monkey Face, and even the scattered boulders offer climbers from every background an opportunity to have a good time. The majority of the climbing lies at the bottom of a canyon that you have to hike to from your car/campsite. The canyon is split by a gorgeous river that provides a tempting cool down for your feet! The camping at Smith Rock State Park is $5 for a day pass or $30 for an annual one. Once you wake up, take a shower, make a hearty breakfast, make the 10 minute hike to the bottom of the canyon, you are no more than 20 minutes from every route that Smith has to offer. The trails are in great condition and the bolts and anchors are continually kept up. Come to Smith Rock State Park and see how many of 1,800+ routes this playground has to offer!
WOW SMITH! Driving to Oregon from California was beautiful. As we neared Smith, the towering rocks could be seen in the distance. When we got there I looked over the canyon that was a climbing paradise. The orange and red rocks made a beautiful array of rock formations. After driving 14 hours, and the sun had set, we decided we needed to climb well into the night. Absolutely beautiful climbing. We spent a week straight, camping on the edge of the gorge that surrounded the amusement park of rocks. The minimal campsite was filled with climbers and good vibes. Each day was an adventure of sport routes ranging from 5.5 to 5.14, with amazing, classic routes that are known around the world! The rock is just perfect enough that your fingertips don't get raw, but instead you are limited by the amount of abuse your muscles can take throughout the day. Take a "rest" day and do a multi-pitch, or other fun trad, maybe even take a vertical trip up the unique and bizarre monkey face tower that overlooks all of smith rocks. If you need a real rest day, there are many trails that wander through the park and along the beautiful river that carves the gorge below. A beautiful and serene park that is amazingly well kept with hot showers that are included in the price of camping ($5 bucks a night). Pack a lunch in the morning, grab your stash of gear and many draws, and spend all day in the canyon. All routes are literally within a 20minute walk of each other...with over 1200 routes! Lots of sport, trad, multi-pitch, bouldering, aiding, and finger loving...Smith has it all!

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