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lives in México D.F. — enjoys sport, trad, boulders and mountains @ 5.15b — has visited and listed 35 crags in 9 countries

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Grade Total On-sight Flash Red point Top rope Diagram
5.12d 0 0 0 0 0
5.12c 1 0 0 1 0
5.12b 15 0 2 13 0
5.12a 22 1 1 20 0
5.11d 45 0 2 43 0
5.11c 42 4 4 34 0
5.11b 45 7 8 29 1
5.11a 37 4 11 22 0
5.10d 57 15 27 14 1
5.10c 39 16 19 4 0
5.10b 36 8 22 6 0
5.10a 15 7 8 0 0
5.9 5 2 3 0 0
5.8 1 1 0 0 0
5.7 3 2 1 0 0
5.6 1 0 1 0 0
5.5 0 0 0 0 0
Yearly top 10 averages
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Top rope
Ascent summary chart
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▼ Ascent date Route name Crag name Genre Grade Opinion Rating FA Ascent type Details
2014-03-02 Isili Scheiblingskirchen Sport 5.11c
On-sight overhanging start with jugs, then passage with crimps and to the top. managed to recover by BREATHING at the end hahaha ;)
2014-03-02 Mayhem Scheiblingskirchen Sport 5.10a
On-sight warm-up on pockets
2014-03-02 Merlin's Crack Scheiblingskirchen Sport 5.11a 5.11b
Red point great dihedral to stem up, at the end pumpy traverse to the left...awesome doing sport-climbing in austria in march!!! next time "midian direkt"!!!
2014-03-01 Raum x Zeit Merkenstein Boulder V5+
Red point cool climb on crimps and pockets and some heel-hooks, then reachy move to jug and quite high top-out
2014-02-26 Dachsbau-Traverse Kremstal Boulder V5+
Red point nice overhanging wall with a traverse starting left and going to the right with a shouldery move, then three moves to cross with the left hand and top-out. possible to traverse more to the right and top-out there.
2014-02-23 Niki's Sonnen-Mantle Kremstal Boulder V3+
Red point nice mantle which niki started to clean and brush. some metres left of "teil einer jugendbewegung" right next to a tree. good moves with a sloper and a crimps which you change to undercling to top-out. don't if already some climbed that, otherwise a historical FA hahaha ;)
2014-02-17 Dipende dal PIL Cresciano Boulder V4
Red point nice overhanging sloper-arete with dynamic moves to crimp at the end
2014-02-15 Giovanni Patacca Cresciano Boulder V1+
Flash another tall slab with good crimps
2014-02-15 Bechamelle Cresciano Boulder V2
Flash tall, but easy slab
2014-02-15 Velociraptor Cresciano Boulder V4
Red point slightly overhanging shield...with strange artifical hole
2014-02-14 Shiraz Cresciano Boulder V4
Red point sharp crimps on vertical bloc
2014-02-14 Mano Lesta Cresciano Boulder V3+
Flash another sloper-arete. the 7a+ sitstart i couldn't understand
2014-02-14 Money for Nothing Cresciano Boulder V5
Red point niiiice sloper-arete
2014-02-12 Spider Catcher Chironico Boulder V4
Red point nice bloc in snowey conditions. line goes up the right arete
2014-02-12 Energy Chironico Boulder V5
Red point sitstart and move to a painful crimp, then under-cling and stand-up
2014-02-11 Hopper Chironico Boulder V5
Red point sitstart on crimp and two moves on crimps, then dyno to jug. completely wet so i destroyed my fingers a bit ;)
2014-02-11 Triade Chironico Boulder V5 V5+
Red point beautiful (and on this day dry) line on this huge wall. crux with heelhook...2nd go :)
2014-02-09 First Class Cresciano Boulder V1+
Flash beautiful slab with a fine crack
2014-02-09 ... Cresciano Boulder V2
Flash beautiful bloc with nice view
2014-02-09 ... Cresciano Boulder V3+
Red point funny, little arete
2014-02-09 Icaro`s step Cresciano Boulder V3
Flash same bloc with the nice view
2014-02-09 Roller Cresciano Boulder V3+ V0
Flash nice slab
2014-02-06 Selly Boulder V3+
Flash nice & funny warm-up right next to "champane supernove"
2014-02-06 Champane Supernova Boulder V5+
Red point awesome line out a roof, dyno to the lip and funny mantle...tried it a bit some weeks ago and today first try, though bad & wet conditions :)
2014-02-06 Lost in Translation Boulder V7 V8
Red point great boulder to finish off the day!!! hard first section with 5 crazy moves, then sustained and pumpy along the lip of the boulder. checked out the tricky end two days before and linked the first passage with the big move so i knew it's possibe :)
2014-02-04 Entree Boulder V5+
Red point nice moves on slopers with an essential hook which has to stick good
2014-01-08 Metamorfosis Los Remedios Sport 5.11b
On-sight nice boulder on crimps at the beginning, then beautiful moves on good holds to the top
2014-01-08 Gobi Los Remedios Sport 5.11d
Flash nice boulder up the first 3 quick-draws, then a beautiful & balancy arete and two easy roofs at the end...FLASH!!! :)
2014-01-08 Spiritchaser Los Remedios Sport 5.10d
On-sight nice warm-up route with chimney, crimps and pockets
2014-01-08 Vaykuntha Los Remedios Sport 5.12a
On-sight awesome 20 metres of dihedral-climbing with nearly no holds and a lot of hard steming and crazy foot-positions, then the really intimitating roof which you climb up using a brutal lay-back-finger-crack followed by a strange first 5.12a ONSIGHT!!! What a day :)
2014-01-02 Paralello-Line 1 Peñoles Boulder V3
Flash highball on futuristic rock-features...don't know about grade or name...about V2-3
2014-01-02 Paralello-Line 2 Peñoles Boulder V3
Flash highball no.2 on futuristic rock-features...don't know about grade or name...about V2-3
2014-01-02 Schnapp den Elch Peñoles Boulder V3+
FA Red point beautiful, tall & slightly overhanging wall with crimps...~V3-4
2014-01-02 Barra de Pan Peñoles Boulder V5
FA Red point nice sit-start on huge hold, then side-crimps and under-cling, feet up and reachy move to a bad crimps, match, feet up really high and huge move to another crimp-rail, then mental top-out...~V5
2014-01-01 La Ola Peñoles Boulder V4
Red point 2nd try...awesome line through a wave-like wall. first crimpers then a jump to a jug!!! i thinks it's about V4
2014-01-01 La Marmota Peñoles Boulder V5
Red point great, futuristic boulder up a mammut-looking bloc...many crimps and really balancy...about V5(+)
2014-01-01 Invertido Peñoles Boulder V3+
Red point 2nd try...vertical wall with under-clings...about V4
2013-12-31 Vibration Peñoles Boulder V2
Flash funny warm-up...don't know about the grade...about V2-3
2013-12-31 Zepelin 1 Peñoles Boulder V3
Flash great jugs to start, then crimps and techical top-out...about V3
2013-12-21 Nirvana Presa Francisco Zarco Sport 5.10d
On-sight awesome long & sustainted route with lovely holds
2013-12-21 Escorpion Presa Francisco Zarco Sport 5.9
Flash perfect, long warm-up on perfect lime-stone
2013-12-21 Cuarto Mandala Presa Francisco Zarco Sport 5.11a
Flash nice vertical route with a complicated crux on tiny incut-limestone-crimps
2013-10-27 Billy Jean Boulder V5
Red point at least one boulder on my first visit of this awesome spot :)
2013-10-08 Göttertraverse Mariensee Boulder V5
Red point long move out of the roof + the long lip-traverse...without the sit-start of "entsafter" (which i nearly made on the same day)...nice birthday-session :)
2013-10-04 Firestarter Kremstal Boulder V5+
Red point nice boulder through the middle of "aufwärmwandl"...sit start with nice warm-up movements up the first metres, then a crux on crimps
2013-09-23 El Doble-Techito Super-Extensión Los techos de derecho - Ciudad Universitaria Boulder V7
FA Red point awesome last session at C.U. for this summer. ripping the skin completeky off my hand & later with lots off tape finally sticking the last dyno of this great sustainted line. mayby FA?!?
2013-09-17 El Queso Peña de Bernal Boulder V3+ V3
Flash V3; beautiful bloc!!! nice moves on side-pinches and slopers
2013-09-17 El Techo Noroccidental Peña de Bernal Boulder V5+
Red point V6; beautiful nice on the same bloc; just 10 min of work, nearly made a flash but failed at the technical top-out! nice ss on jug and side-slopper, reachy move to awesome sloper, heel-hook at the jug and match a tiny crimp...then some technical metres to top-out really high :)
2013-09-16 Frankenstein Peña de Bernal Boulder V3
Flash V3; nice vertical problem for warm-up
2013-09-16 Blade Runner Peña de Bernal Boulder V3+ V4
Flash V4; nice line on sloppers, however the "cyborg"-boulder is better
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