Route Grade Type Crag Rating Added
5.12a Sport at Eggum
tried it once, but was too pumped at the end to really red-point it!!! ...for me the best (endurance)-route at Eggum
5.12a Sport Eggum
Presten roof
V6 Boulder at Presten boulders
V6 Boulder Presten boulders
Separate Reality
? Boulder at Presten boulders
? Boulder Presten boulders 2012-01-05
Boulder problem #3
? Boulder at Presten boulders
? Boulder Presten boulders 2012-01-05
5.11c Sport at Maltatal
was falling at the last quick-draw, which sucks a lot cause the route was already over there ;)
5.11c Sport Maltatal 2012-04-12
V5+ Boulder at Kaseler Alm
V5+ Boulder Kaseler Alm
V6 Boulder at Kaseler Alm
V6 Boulder Kaseler Alm
V6 Boulder at Sundergrund
V6 Boulder Sundergrund
Hotel California
V8 Boulder at Sundergrund
V8 Boulder Sundergrund
Mas si osare un extraño enemigo
5.13c Sport at Jilotepec
first 5.13c (8a+) i tried...about 35 meters of overhanging climbing on good holds with huge moves, then technical finish...suuuper-endurance :)
5.13c Sport Jilotepec 2013-08-15
5.12b Sport at Guadalcazar
pumpy climb on stalactites, then a hard crux on tufas with a knee-bar...already climbed to the chains & touched the last carabiner but was to pumped to clip it :(
5.12b Sport Guadalcazar 2013-08-28
Paseo Escolar
5.10d Sport at Guadalcazar
the hardest & most pumpy 5.10d (for me at least 5.11b/6c) i've ever climbed...made it two times to the chains but was too pumped to clip it :(
5.10d Sport Guadalcazar 2013-08-28
V6 Boulder at Peñoles
awesome really close...about V6 (+)
V6 Boulder Peñoles 2014-01-04
Aliens in America
5.13a Sport at Los Remedios
awesome, sustainted route with a brutal boulder on crimps between quick-draw no. 3 and no. 4. no rest at all the first 20 metres, then some good holds to recover a little bit to get ready for the second, very technical crux to the project for the next time
5.13a Sport Los Remedios 2014-01-09