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lives in Longmont, CO — has visited and listed 2 crags in 2 countries

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Grade Total Flash Red point Diagram
V16 0 0 0
V15 11 0 11
V14 42 1 41
V13 106 0 106
V12 138 5 133
V11 170 34 136
V10 127 26 101
V9 24 5 19
V8 13 1 12
V7 5 1 4
V6 11 4 7
V5+ 1 0 1
V5 4 0 4
V4+ 0 0 0
V4 1 0 1
V3+ 0 0 0
V3 0 0 0
V2 1 0 1
V1+ 0 0 0
V1 0 0 0
V0+ 0 0 0
V0 0 0 0
Yearly top 10 averages
Red point
Ascent summary chart
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▼ Ascent date Route name Crag name Grade Opinion Rating FA Ascent type Details
2012-05-03 Dead Meadow Wild Basin, RMNP V13
2nd Red point One of colorados finest boulders... Nice one Dave! More to do at this magical area.
2012-05-01 Mini Compressor Route Wild Basin, RMNP V12
FA Red point Sick overhanging prow. Start right hand on an amazing mini pinch and left hand right next to it on an incut side pull and compress your way out the prow. 7 burly moves .
2012-04-14 Achromatic Rocky Mountain National Park V13
2nd Red point Nice power problem on the white wall. Has a difficult underling move!
2012-04-14 Bear Toss Veritas V13
2nd Red point Start on left arête and trav into veritas. A good power endurance addition by Dave.
2012-03-11 Carefully by Hand Elkland V12
FA Red point Perfect line, crimpy and condition dependent.
2012-03-11 The Art of Flight Elkland V11
FA Red point amazing dyno at Elkland, Chads vision. Left hand uses a flat quarter pad crimp and right hand uses a halfq pad flat edge. from here you jump to the lip of the boulder.
2012-03-03 Phantom Limb East Spur Maze V12
Red point Perfect horizontal climbing, a Matt Wilder test piece.
2012-02-29 OG18 sit start Rocky Mountain National Park V11
2nd Flash Nice one Chad, an area classic... crimpy power climbing in the beginning leading to a font like topout. New boulders await!
2012-02-29 Paint it Black Rocky Mountain National Park V15
FA Red point Amazing 65 degree roof!
2012-02-14 Hydra Shiobara V13
Red point wow stunning roof climbing on incut crimps, same day as catharsis. fell on the last move to the jug on hydrangea... Only had 2 days, so I will be back for this beautiful climb!
2012-02-14 Catharsis Shiobara V14
Red point Amazing roof climb, my style of climbing. Direct horizontal power climbing on pockets!
2012-01-29 Mind to Motion Nicky's boulders/ Elkland V14
FA Red point Amazing compression line at Nicky's. Check out my facebook athlete page for more details.
2012-01-21 The Desperate House Boy's traverse Elkland/Nickis V11
Red point a nice seam traverse to an epic finish.
2012-01-21 Memory is Parallax Elkland V14
2nd Red point An incredible addition to RMNP bouldering by Dave Graham. It is cool that Mirror Reality is dynamic and powerful and this boulder is technical and fingery... Two complete opposite styles. this line is like stained glass in Bishop, only overhung. the crux revolves around 2 intense drop knees back to back and grabbing onto some thin edges. Thanks Dave!
2012-01-04 Mirror Reality Rocky Mountain National Park V14
FA Red point Such an amazing line with a perfect Dyno in the middle. Feel privileged to have been shown this by Dave. The 2012 season has begun.
2011-12-18 Frisson Rocher Gréau V12
Red point a nice traverse with a hard last move. Came close to the flash and did it next go. cold day in the woods
2011-12-18 Les Beaux Quartiers Rocher de Bouligny V11
Red point hard, felt as hard as gecko haha. Really nice climbing with a thug style.
2011-12-18 Gecko Assis Rocher de Bouligny V14 V13
Red point Came really close to doing it on my first day, but kept falling at the end. Did it in a couple of tries today with perfect weather. This one is hard to grade. I think if you are not flexible and short it is harder. Very inspiring that Adam flashed this. It is one of the best I have climbed so far.
2011-12-17 Gourmandise Cuvier Rempart V13
Red point Really nice roof climbing on underclings to a powerful dyno leading into a traverse finish... has perfect movement. Did 5 min. after traphouse... back in tha game!
2011-12-17 The Traphouse Cuvier Rempart V14
2nd Red point Direct finish to Gourmandise... amazing rock over move and adds in some spice. Finally feel recovered from all of the traveling.
2011-12-15 Big Dragon (Before Break) Petit Bois V12
Red point one of the best... tricky to figure out the position at first, but once you figure it out it feels perfect.
2011-12-12 Miséricorde Franchard Cuisinière V10
Red point Wow a stunning line, perfect highball with sick arete climbing
2011-12-04 Atrésie Cuvier Rempart V11
Red point Had a little teaser of Font before departing to Mexico for a week and love it. It was wet but we still climbed. Psyched to feel Font in the prime!
2011-11-28 Bourguignon Murgtal V13
Red point 2nd go, fell on the last move of the flash. Amazing compression boulder! props to Fred for establishing such an incredible line.
2011-11-28 Entlinge Murgtal V14
Flash crazy moment... felt like I was climbing in a dream. The style just fit me perfectly. A perfect power problem out a 50 degree overhang
2011-11-26 Delusions of Grandeur Chironico V13
Red point A stunning line with a taxing traverse section and scary finish.
2011-11-25 Pamplemoose Brione V11
Red point Perfect rock. Has a hard 2nd move.
2011-11-25 Blinded by the Light Chironico V13
Red point Amazing climb by Dave. Has long spans on a vertical chunk of quartzite. Hard last move
2011-11-24 Big paw Chironico V15
Red point for me it felt really hard. An intro leading to a large move to a pocket. This move was harder if your short. Psyched to of finally do it! Now a few more days in Ticino then off to font.
2011-11-17 Boogalagga Chironico V13
Red point mini compression method... now for Big Paw
2011-11-12 Somewhere in between Magic Wood V14
Red point Amazing line up the hill from NBL. Took many many days. This one is hard for me and felt really good to do. The crux was at my max extension. Finally overcame it and now I can move forward!
2011-10-18 Apollo Brione V12
Red point Almost flashed it, then it took like an hour to do. The worst humidity I have felt in Swiss... hopefully it gets better!
2011-10-15 La Force Tranquille Magic Wood V15
FA Red point Wow! such a mental and condition war for me. Located on the backside of the darkness cave. Has very subtle movement using small, slopey edges and poor feet out a 45 degree overhang. This one is for you Courtney... thanks for supporting me and walking up to the boulder multiple times. Now I can move forward
2011-10-13 Cellar Door Brione V11
Flash Commiting boulder but wow what a nice climb... brione has the best granite in the world!
2011-10-11 Disney Production Brione V12
Flash An amazing moment. Just before it was about to get dark I got cold fingers and went for it. An awkward heel hook move off of a shitty gaston crimp.
2011-10-11 Frogger Brione V11
Flash Sick features. twisted climbing
2011-10-11 Ganymede Takeover Brione V12
Red point Didnt commit to the jump on the flash. A crazy boulder with freak moves. The projs on this wall r amazing!
2011-10-11 Amber Brione V13
Red point messed up the beta at the end on the flash, a beautiful line with amazing compression movement.
2011-10-02 Mystic Stylez Magic Wood V14 V15
FA Red point The sit to Muttertag. Adds in 4 movements into the stand start. Looks really straight forward but is deceiving.Very powerful and needs alot of frontal strength. Hard to grade such a short boulder, but feels a step up from other short problems I have done. Onto the next project...
2011-09-28 X-Ray Silvretta V11
Red point with wet chalk and grease... it felt like an 8B. so psyched for the cold to come. A nice little compression boulder!
2011-09-28 Rongbuk Silvretta V12
Red point A perfect line. Discovered the trick beta, but fell off the "easy" topout due to sweaty fingers. Sent right after GU... psyched for better weather to come, but getting to climb nice lines each day is perfect.
2011-09-27 The Weasler Partenen V11
Red point looks small but the movement is really nice!
2011-09-27 Razorbrack Gantschier V12
Red point felt like 8b with the heat and humidity, but with good conditions, you will be able to stick. A nice line.
2011-09-22 Muttertag Magic Wood V11
Red point a nice one mover, the sit is next!
2011-09-16 Free for all Magic Wood V11
Red point looks easier than it really is. Conditions were out of the prime. Hopefully it gets colder soon.
2011-09-13 Schattenkrieger sd Silvretta V10
Red point tried heel hook beta then resorted to my own toeing in beta... nice line.
2011-09-13 Skiroute Project Silvretta V13
Red point 3rd asc. One of the best lines in Silvretta! perfect roof climbing to a highball finish. Psyched.
2011-09-12 Nana bianca Magic Wood V12
Red point Worked out the moves on Supernova then worked out the moves on the direct in total took 3 hours in the cold humid conditions. When I sent it felt so good. To me felt like the hardest in the forest ;)
2011-09-09 Falsche Gotter Silvretta V10
Red point An amazing highball, good climb with friends
2011-09-09 Zwiederwurz Silvretta V10
Flash This is nice lil prow with a powerful intro revolving around an undercling to a tricky lip encounter. Could be a slash grade... but consensus is 8A, easier if your taller
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