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Public Updates

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Tuukka Peteri has published a new blog post
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Well, as it turns out, i did not send Tears Of A Dragon, fell from the topout. Yeah, its not hard but i was so tired that i could not do anything else but just hang from there. Oh well, next time the send wi...

about 4 hours ago
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about 10 hours ago
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Jere Hurtig » Is that route in understanding bloc or no?
about 10 hours ago
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Daniel D. has published a new blog post
50 reittiä

Viime viikonloppuna tuli 50 kiivettyä reittiä täyteen, Jes.

about 13 hours ago
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Andreas Harne » Leden är dubbelt inlagd. Den här har felstavat namn. leden heter Lord Hård. Förresten är bergets namn också felstavat...
about 22 hours ago
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Sam Thompson has set up a team page for Team Crush from United Kingdom.

about 22 hours ago
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about 23 hours ago
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Fanny Bergman » Denna klippa är inlagd två gånger och detta exemplar har helt fel placering på kartan. Föreslår därför att denna helt...
1 day ago
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Staffan Wahlsten » Startcrimpen för vänster (som senare stås på, iaf av mig) har blivit betydligt mindre upptäckte jag idag då jag var d...

...as a comment on Uteliggare (7A) - Broken hold

1 day ago
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Massimiliano Buvoli has set up a team page for Rivoli from Italy.

1 day ago
Massimiliano Buvoli
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1 day ago
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1 day ago
Björn Buckwalter
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1 day ago
Tomas Tomas
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1 day ago
Ville Holopainen
Ville Holopainen » The big piece of rock down on the left of the problem came loose. It moves quite a lot, but we did not remove it yet....
1 day ago
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Markku Wächter » Ainakin vanhassa Matti Jokisen topossa tuossa kohdassa kulkee reitti nimeltä Reaktio, ellen ihan väärin topoa tulkitse.

...as a comment on Pipetti (3+) - Pipetti=Reaktio

1 day ago
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Laura Tamminen » Tämä oli kiva lukea.
2 days ago
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Tuukka Peteri has published a new blog post

Oh it has been quite a turmoil these past few days, so im gonna make this quick: Red October 7C Done Not Done X As expected, got my sorry little ass kicked around it. Well, maybe next time! I managed to ...

2 days ago
Antti-Kristian Malmström
Antti-Kristian Malmström » Itse en kuvailis poketiks, ehkä halkeama? http://imgur.com/CPDQDhM itse lähdin jotenki näin.
2 days ago
Tiny be76dc795acc
Juha Haaja » Mitkä on tämän lähtöotteet. Tarkoitetaanko vasemmalla siderilla kulman toisella puolella olevaa pokettia?
2 days ago
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