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Schalk Erasmus
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44 minutes ago
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about 4 hours ago
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about 10 hours ago
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La Sportiva Katana Laces
€121.95 at Bergzeit
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adidas Terrex Solo
€129.95 at Bergzeit
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La Sportiva Buttermilk Women's Hoody
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La Sportiva Testarossa
€124.95 at Bergzeit
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Black Diamond Touchstone Haulbag 70 l
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Bergzeit Bouldering Brush
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Black Diamond Stubby Haulbag 35 l
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Arc'teryx Atom LT Women's Jacket
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Ville Kananen » Ihana nimi :D

...as a comment on Akita (7C+) - diipadaapa

about 12 hours ago
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Carl-Johan Fredriksson » Klart vi ska fixa en fysisk förare, det vore grymt kul!
about 22 hours ago
Tiny 0dbb5a4c08a4
Peter Hammer » Joonas and myself rebolted both Burana and Charlatan 2 years ago, so they should be both nice to climb now. Jump is a...
1 day ago
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Small dd71a5ade50d Small 4f9df19a056b Small 6d3ca7f5c215 Small cda707e6896c Small 4e7f06ec60cd
1 day ago
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Erik Vahtola » Take care when rigging the top rope, long slings to avoid rope tear. We had some nasty tears in the rope.
1 day ago
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Small 682372bbd505
1 day ago
Victor Holmqvist
Victor Holmqvist » same block as clockwork or another one?
1 day ago
Tiny 2a43aa586e57
Emil Ragnarsson » Okej, gött! grad?

...as a comment on Projekt (?) - Gjord

2 days ago
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Ville Kananen » pystyy mennä ilman tollasta hutasuu.Käyttää sitä vasenta kättä hyvän otteen yläpuolella ja sitten nostaa jalan.Jopa p...
2 days ago
Gerrit Schwere
Gerrit Schwere » Låter som en kanon ide ! Jag ska också ta tag i att lägga upp lite mer bilder har ju en del stenar som inte finns upp...
2 days ago
Gerrit Schwere
Gerrit Schwere has published a new blog post
Nya stenar

La upp lite nya stenar på andra sidan, området heter hidden blocks ligger nära parkeringen fler bilder kommer !

2 days ago
Tiny a08e7b8b2d97
Jesper Johannesson has published a new blog post
Dåligt med tid

Blev ett abrupt slut på klättrande och dokumenterade av leder / nya leder här i sommar för min del. Får återkomma till hösten / vinter med mera tid och förhoppningsvis ta tag i en fysisk förare för Kalmar om...

2 days ago
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Small ea77fdbebddc
2 days ago
Tiny 00a5e75a13d9
Andreas Spångberg » Jag klättrade denna igår. Om inte gjord tidigare heter den Tur i oturen.

...as a comment on Projekt (?) - Gjord

2 days ago
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Small 4bd5f8cb393b Small 622551430e8f
3 days ago
Tiny e96323fc55f8
Ismo Käsmä has published a new blog post
Small c3529f1a4605 French Alps 2014

I spent 3,5 week in French Alps with my wife on July 2014. The trip included all kind of climbing from sport climbing to mountaineering. During the trip I wrote everyday (sorry, only in finnish this time) so...

3 days ago
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