Activities on the team maintained crags

Welcome to the team #YorkshireGrit page; we are a team of climbing enthusiasts from the area who believe that the documentation, maintenance and moderation of climbing records for the Yorkshire region is something that should be shared, protected and most importantly enjoyed by all climbers both local and visitors. The Yorkshire region has a huge climbing history and our work to add and maintain information will ensure that history is preserved.

Our aim is simple; to provide the most accurate and up to date descriptions for the Yorkshire region.
To ensure this we will update and improve existing information - topography, pictures, videos and access information to ensure that users are well informed. We will check and verify information from published and online resources ensuring 27Crags is the most up to date resource for climbing developments in the Yorkshire Region.

References and useful sources include:
- Cameron-Duff, A. (2001) Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering, Rockfax
- Dunning, Steve and Ryan Plews. (2008) Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering, Total Climbing
- Dunning, Steve and Ryan Plews. (2011) Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering Vol 2, Total Climbing
- Nicholson et al. (2012) YMC Yorkshire Gritstone Vol 1, Yorkshire Mountaineering Club
- Nicholson et al. (2014) YMC Yorkshire Gritstone Vol 2, Yorkshire Mountaineering Club
- Hunt et al. (2019) Unknown Stones,

These references have been shortened to avoid 'information overload' in the descriptions and should be self explanatory. The references will usually only describe the original source of information (Often the RockFax 2001 guide by Alan Cameron-Duff).
Codes represent the source, page number or boulder number by area and problem number. This should make it easy to find and check the problem you're ticking off regardless of your original source of information.
Codes you will see work as follows; CD B1 P1 for example, which simply means; Cameron-Duff, A. (2001) Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering, Rockfax, Boulder 1 Problem 1.
TC A1 P1 - Total Climbing area 1 problem 1 and, YMC Vol 1 P.1 P1 - Yorkshire Mountaineering Club Volume 1 page 1 problem 1.

Comment boxes exist on each individual problem for users to identify and recommend any relevant changes. These do not notify the team however so a response may take some time.

With these points made; we are hobbyists who enjoy documenting crags in our spare time which is done often as we visit and climb at these venues. The #YorkshireGrit team have made a concerted effort over the last year (2015) to correct and update existing information to ensure it is in line with the most recent guidebooks and online resources. These are often referenced to give credit to the original source and cross reference grade/line descriptions to be the most accurate. The grades given are taken from the most recent guide, however, 27Crags website features a grade opinion where users can alter that grade by voting up or down (this information is displayed when you look in detail at a specific problem).

This means that in some cases, the information you seek may not be present or checked as yet, but in time it will be. We have started with some of the larger crags; Shipley, Ilkley and Almscliffe.
If however, a crag is listed but has no route information, please do contribute to the site.

**27crags is a community produced site; anyone with an account can add new information. Particularly if you are local enough or you plan on visiting an undocumented crag soon. This is something we encourage.

**The members of this team only have the right to edit and improve and are not responsible for all the information you see. We do not own, benefit from or claim to be affiliated with the website creators and all of the information represented is done so to benefit the climbing community and not for profit.