And again climbing is possible all year round. "Affentheater" and "Kathedrale" are perfect for summer or autumn. For Wintertime the most sun you can get is at "Johnny Cash Wand".

"Affentheater" and "Kathedrale" are dark and shady, so better go there in summer or autumn, it stay wet for a long time. "Frankenzirkus & Bohrinsel" could be dry but if it's unsafe, access is quite long just to check it out. Better go to "Johnny Cash Wand", that's dry at any time. Similar at "Schottertaler Wand".

Most Routes are vertical and well protected. Only the impressing "Kathedrale" is an exception. Beside a few good protected routes you prevalent get scary and ambitious climbing with huge distances between bolts (if there are any). A bunch of roof cracks are there, as well. Best Rock Quality is probably at "Affentheater" and longest climbs are possible at "Schottertaler Wand"

Once you get your kid(s) to the crag, "Johnny Cash Wand" is excellent, but access is quite steep and long. "Affentheater" is okay and all other sectors are either dangerous or just uneven at the crag's base.

Accommodation you'll find in Waischenfeld. Restaurants are in Waischenfeld up north or in Behringersmühle/Gößweinstein down south the river. Hopefully the mill Schottersmühle opens again after corona-lockdown so you'll have a good beer garden close by.

Swimming pool are located in Waischenfeld and Gößweinstein.

💎 Goodies

- Hypersupermegaturbotittenaffengeil
- Klammeraffe
- Lust und Laster
- Mann in Schwarz
- June Carter Gedenkweg
- Röhn Karl

- Chimpanzee