🧗‍♂️ In the outskirts of the small village called Valje, lies a bunch of small boulders neatly tucked away in the green surrounding forest. Despite it's vicinity to the residential houses, the area has a secluded feel to it, much thanks to the vegetation which during the summer almost completely seals off the boulders from the outside world.

The grey-greenish boulders are all located tightly together in a small but dense area with an unusual amount of steep climbs. Another great feature is the compact rock devoid of sharp crystals, which allows for more climbing with fewer bleeding tips! The majority of the climbs are not very tall, although there are a few exceptions and the landings are good despite the otherwise uneven terrain.

💎 Top Blocs
▪️ Vid Areten – 4
▪️ Luft – 5
▪️ Kontroll – 6A
▪️ Träsmak sittstart – 6B
▪️ Rackarens rökare – 6B
▪️ Kramgo – 6C
▪️ Annica – 6C+
▪️ Moloken – 7A+
▪️ Valje Nöje – 7B
▪️ Resandets mentala begränsningar – 7B+


The area is access sensitive!


🚫 Do not climb on the rocks just by the houses.
🤫 The entire area is close to residential houses – be respectful and keep a low profile!
🤫 "Flaskpost" and "Meningen med Livet..." are especially close to houses – keep a low profile here!
🗑 Remove all of your trash!
🧹 Brush off tickmarks and excessive chalk!

• The Parkings are marked on the map.

• The boulders are located about 50m into the forest from the parking.