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The area is access sensitive!

How to get there
From The Toad on the Road pub on Main Road, Lakeside, turn onto Boyes Drive. Continue along this road for about 6.5 kilometres, passing the turn-off to Muizenberg, to reach the end of Boyes Drive. Don’t go down to the Main Road, but take the right fork into the cul-de-sac and park near the ramp marking the start of the path at a sign that says ‘Trappieskop’ [GPS: S34°07.571’ E018°26.719’]. A safer alternative (to avoid break-ins), would be to take the left fork and park in the first road on the left and walk back up to the top road.

From the ‘Trappieskop’ sign, follow a good stepped path, which starts fairly steeply. After about 10 minutes you will come to a short rock-paved section where the path makes a semi-circle turn to the left. There is also a path branching off to the left at this point. To get to the left side of the top tier, take the left fork and follow it to the base of the crags (10 min). For the right side of the top tier and the lower tier, continue around to the left and follow the path over a low hill till you arrive at a junction with a good path. Take a left here and follow the path to the crags (10 min).