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Stadelhofen Ost

Climbing has been limited!

"Förstelsteine" is closed until 30th of December 2021. The forest got quite damaged due to huge crowds of climbers. Let the forest recover this summer and see what happens.

Don't park along the country road. There's been some trouble with farmers.

This crag is situated close to the small village "Stadelhofen" which is just a few kilometers south of "Gößweinstein"/"Behringersmühle". Park along the main road in the village.

Stadelhofener Dunkelkammer:
Take the road towards "Sachsendorf" from towncenter and walk for 750 meters. Then take a path to your left vanishing in the forest. It'll lead you to the sector.

Take the road south, towards "Kleingesee" and turn left onto the road towards "Allersdorf", just after the village. Turn left after 150 meters and enter the forest road. There's a path to your right immediately, leading up the hill to the already visible Crag.