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Climbing has been limited!

Important to know:
For the Schellneckwand and the Schellneckpfeiler climbing is banned because of bird brood from the first of February until the first of July. The whole area is in a nature reserve! Please don't leave any garbage and respect the nature.

🚗In Essing cross the bridge towards Hienheim. After about 200 m, a road turns left. Follow this and follow the gravel road, parallel to the canal. After about a kilometer you will reach a parking bay with a parking sign. Please park here and do not drive under any circumstances. This is really important because you are in a nature reserve!!!

🚶‍♂️For Schellneckpfeiler follow the path on foot for about 500 m.

🚶‍♂️After you passed Schellneckpfeiler follow the path for another 100 m you will see the Schellneckwand.

🚶‍♂️From Schellneckwand a forest path branches off from the cycle path. Follow this until you are at the level of the pavilion from Schulerloch (on the opposite side of the canal). Here straight up into the forest, after about 100 m you reach the rock of Kiefernzapfen.