Fiume Ticino
Schattental Fiume
No topo image available
Pet Therapie
7B Boulder
Sissyfuss standstart thumbnail
Scanna squali thumbnail
Scanna squali
7B+ Boulder at River plate
No name thumbnail
No name
? Boulder at L'enfant terrible
No Name thumbnail
No Name
? Boulder at Take a chance
No topo image available
5+ Boulder
Aspettando il Carlo thumbnail
Iron Lion Zion thumbnail
Aspettando il callo thumbnail
Kiss that frog thumbnail
Merrion square thumbnail
Merrion square
6B+ Boulder at Kittesen Kula
Kittesen Kula thumbnail
Kittesen Kula
7C+ Boulder at Kittesen Kula
Kittesen Kula stand thumbnail
Seven thumbnail
7C Boulder at Kittesen Kula
Seven stand thumbnail
Seven stand
7A Boulder at Kittesen Kula
Inox thumbnail
7C+ Boulder at Onyx inox
Onyx thumbnail
8c Sport at Onyx inox
Ciprinide thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Ciprinide
right of Ciprinide thumbnail
Rapunzel thumbnail
6A Boulder at Ciprinide
Left of Trota Fario thumbnail
Trota Fario thumbnail
Trota Fario
6A Boulder at Ciprinide
No name thumbnail
No name
4 Boulder at Menta e Rosmarino
Menta e Rosmarino thumbnail
No topo image available
6B Boulder at Fiume ticino?
Il Saudita thumbnail
Il Saudita
6B Boulder at Il Saudita
Idrovolante thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Idrovolante
Grana Zero thumbnail
Grana Zero
7A Boulder at Idrovolante
Ades Bala thumbnail
Ades Bala
6B+ Boulder at Electro Swing
Gheè pù da religion thumbnail
Santo Subito thumbnail
Santo Subito
6C Boulder at Electro Swing
Electro Swing thumbnail
Electro Swing
8A+ Boulder at Electro Swing
No name thumbnail
No name
6B+ Boulder at Electro Swing
No name thumbnail
No name
6A Boulder at Electro Swing
Canne a pêche thumbnail
Canne a pêche
6C Boulder at No pasaran
No Pasáran thumbnail
No Pasáran
7B+ Boulder at No pasaran
Indici Opponibili thumbnail
Chickenline thumbnail
7B Boulder at Calimero
Calimero thumbnail
6B Boulder at Calimero
Killer Queen thumbnail
Killer Queen
7C Boulder at Calimero
Red Rain thumbnail
Red Rain
7B Boulder at Calimero
Lo chef consiglia thumbnail
Lo chef consiglia
6B Boulder at Giula
Giulia thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Giula
Efforto Angie thumbnail
Efforto Angie
6B+ Boulder at Giula
Castle Hill thumbnail
Castle Hill
6C+ Boulder at Giula
Momoblocco thumbnail
7B Boulder at Giula
right of Momoblocco thumbnail
right of Momoblocco
6A+ Boulder at Giula
Goliath thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Goliath
Litta totale thumbnail
Litta totale
6C Boulder at Goliath
Randagio's style thumbnail
Randagio's style
6B+ Boulder at River plate
Carello Basso thumbnail
Carello Basso
6C Boulder at River plate
Carello Stand thumbnail
Carello Stand
5 Boulder at River plate
Guardie e ladri thumbnail
Riverplate thumbnail
7B Boulder at River plate
Piatto d'arte thumbnail
Piatto d'arte
6C+ Boulder at River plate
Sparky thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at River plate
Sparky right thumbnail
Sparky right
6B+ Boulder at River plate
Left of esox lucius thumbnail
Esox lucius thumbnail
Esox lucius
5+ Boulder at River plate
right of Esox lucius thumbnail
Caterina boulder thumbnail
Bello come Silvia thumbnail
Epulone thumbnail
6A Boulder at Iguana
Iguana thumbnail
7C Boulder at Iguana
Molla l'osso thumbnail
Molla l'osso
6B Boulder at Iguana
Cul de sac thumbnail
La Cacca si stacca thumbnail
Retta for ever thumbnail
No ordinary love thumbnail
Dildo games thumbnail
Dildo games
6B Boulder at Dildo games
Placcalardo thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Dildo games
Spandau Ballet thumbnail
Sasso Pardo thumbnail
Sasso Pardo
6C+ Boulder at Condotta Forzata
Condotta Forzata thumbnail
Condotta Forzata
6C+ Boulder at Ok vai
Ok vai thumbnail
Ok vai
6B Boulder at Ok vai
Vai col liscio thumbnail
Mazinga Zeta thumbnail
Mazinga Zeta
6B+ Boulder at Vai col liscio
Mazinga Zeta left thumbnail
Left slab thumbnail
Left slab
3 Boulder at Vai col liscio
Placebo thumbnail
8A Boulder at Placebo
Placebo stand thumbnail
Placebo stand
6C Boulder at Placebo
Ga nè pü thumbnail
Ga nè pü
6B+ Boulder at Placebo
Transcendent thumbnail
7B Boulder at Placebo
Round about thumbnail
Round about
7A+ Boulder at Placebo
Right of round about thumbnail
Right of right of roundabout thumbnail
V for Vendetta thumbnail
V for Vendetta
6C Boulder at Placebo
La pulce d'acqua thumbnail
La pulce d'acqua
8A Boulder at Placebo
Jabulani thumbnail
7C Boulder at Neverland
Stile Bionda thumbnail
Stile Bionda
6A+ Boulder at Neverland
Permaflex thumbnail
6B Boulder at Neverland
Light my fire thumbnail
Light my fire
7B Boulder at Neverland
Light my fire stand thumbnail
Beauty farm thumbnail
Beauty farm
6C Boulder at Neverland
Vuvuzela thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Neverland
Vuvuzela stand thumbnail
Vuvuzela stand
6C Boulder at Neverland
L'uccello in chiesa thumbnail
Guscio di tartaruga thumbnail
Feccia x thumbnail
Feccia x
6C+ Boulder at Neverland
Kebab by night thumbnail
Kebab by night
7A Boulder at Neverland
Tramonto divino thumbnail
Tramonto divino
6B Boulder at Neverland
Neverland thumbnail
7C+ Boulder at Neverland
Neverand stand thumbnail
Neverand stand
6B+ Boulder at Neverland
L'inguisto thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Neverland
Pulp friction thumbnail
Pulp friction
7A Boulder at Neverland
L'aquario thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Neverland
Tavanada thumbnail
6C Boulder at Neverland
Danubio blu thumbnail
Danubio blu
7B Boulder at Danubio blu
WC traverse thumbnail
Step into liquid thumbnail
The baths thumbnail
The baths
7A Boulder at Step into liquid
Keope thumbnail
6C Boulder at Keope
Keope stand thumbnail
Keope stand
6A+ Boulder at Keope
Che f... thumbnail
Che f...
6C+ Boulder at Keope
L'esibizionista thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Keope
Moscardon thumbnail
7A Boulder at Love machine
Transata carnascialesca thumbnail
Love machine thumbnail
Love machine
6B Boulder at Love machine
Macinin im amur thumbnail
La ferrata thumbnail
La ferrata
3 Boulder at La Traccia¨
Waiting height thumbnail
Viscidus thumbnail
5+ Boulder at La Traccia¨
No te lo puedes perder thumbnail
La Traccia thumbnail
La Traccia
6C+ Boulder at La Traccia¨
What would king do thumbnail
What would king do
7B Boulder at DWS
L'equilibrista thumbnail
Flat Screen thumbnail
Flat Screen
7B Boulder at L'equilibrista
Conquistador direct thumbnail
Conquistador thumbnail
8A+ Boulder at Conquistador
No topo image available
Left of anti bac
6B Boulder at Anti Bac
Anti Bac thumbnail
Anti Bac
6B Boulder at Anti Bac
Prima linea thumbnail
Prima linea
6C+ Boulder at Joe Canotta
Joe Canotta thumbnail
Joe Canotta
7A Boulder at Joe Canotta
L'uomo che ride thumbnail
Working on sunshine thumbnail
No name thumbnail
No name
6C+ Boulder at Working on sunshine
No name thumbnail
Passo Ticino thumbnail
No name thumbnail
Left of Fairplay thumbnail
Fairplay thumbnail
7C Boulder at Juno Reactor
Juno reactor thumbnail
Juno reactor
8A Boulder at Juno Reactor
Baby mammoth thumbnail
Baby mammoth
8A+ Boulder at Baby Mammouth
Soilwork thumbnail
8A+ Boulder at Baby Mammouth
The counselor thumbnail
L'uccello in chiesa sit thumbnail
La Croisetta thumbnail
La Croisetta
6B Boulder at Sissyfuss
Negrita thumbnail
6C Boulder at Sissyfuss
San Pedro thumbnail
San Pedro
5+ Boulder at Sissyfuss
Visita Guidata thumbnail
Visita Guidata
6B Boulder at Sissyfuss
Il Disperso thumbnail
Il Disperso
6A Boulder at Sissyfuss
Jaques Selossa thumbnail
Jaques Selossa
7C+ Boulder at Sissyfuss
Renaisance thumbnail
7C+ Boulder at Sissyfuss
Sissyfuss thumbnail
8A+ Boulder at Sissyfuss
From Dirt Grows the Flowers thumbnail
From Dirt Grows the Flowers Variant thumbnail
Powerstrips thumbnail
7C Boulder at Sissyfuss
Power Flowers thumbnail
Power Flowers
7B+ Boulder at Sissyfuss
Chads Bulge thumbnail
Chads Bulge
7A Boulder at Sissyfuss
The Toilet Bowl thumbnail
The Toilet Bowl
7C+ Boulder at Sissyfuss
Catarral Noice thumbnail
Catarral Noice
7C Boulder at Sissyfuss
Skype Sex thumbnail
Skype Sex
6B+ Boulder at Sissyfuss
Microcosmos thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Sissyfuss
La Metamorfosi thumbnail
La Metamorfosi
8A+ Boulder at Sissyfuss
Vasco de Gama thumbnail
Vasco de Gama
7A Boulder at Sissyfuss
Frostheaves thumbnail
8A Boulder at Sissyfuss
C'est la ouate thumbnail
Bumbasina problem thumbnail
Mary's Waltz thumbnail
Flight attendant thumbnail
Le dentiste thumbnail
Le dentiste
6A+ Boulder at Flight Attendant
Estetica thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Flight Attendant
Rada Gonda thumbnail
Voltaren thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Flight Attendant
Voltaren Stand thumbnail
L'Holandesina volante thumbnail
21 grammi thumbnail
21 grammi
7C+ Boulder at Flight Attendant
Over the top thumbnail
Von Strucker thumbnail
No name thumbnail
No name
6A Boulder at FontaineClaude
No name right thumbnail
FontaineClaude thumbnail
Fis come un barin thumbnail
El flaco thumbnail
El flaco
7A Boulder at Os Veritatis
Os Veritatis thumbnail
Os Veritatis
7A+ Boulder at Os Veritatis
Botero thumbnail
6C Boulder at Os Veritatis
Mondo new thumbnail
Mondo new
6B+ Boulder at Os Veritatis
L'enfant terrible thumbnail
Libeldra thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at L'enfant terrible
Dragonite thumbnail
Pet Therapy sit thumbnail
Pet Therapy sit
7B+ Boulder at Pet Therapy
Pet Therapy thumbnail
Pet Therapy
6B+ Boulder at Pet Therapy
Sinfonia dei pet thumbnail
Sinfonia dei pet
6C+ Boulder at Pet Therapy
Arrowhead thumbnail
7C+ Boulder at Pet Therapy
Opertore ecologico thumbnail
Vacchegrasse thumbnail
4+ Boulder at Pet Therapy
Jacuzzi thumbnail
6B Boulder at Pet Therapy
End Zone thumbnail
End Zone
5 Boulder at Pet Therapy
Shiva l'oliva thumbnail
Shiva l'oliva
7A+ Boulder at Pet Therapy
Shiva l'oliva stand thumbnail
La fattanza thumbnail
La fattanza
8B Boulder at Pet Therapy
Let's go thumbnail
Let's go
6C+ Boulder at Pet Therapy
La deliranza thumbnail
La deliranza
7C Boulder at Pet Therapy
Orgoglione thumbnail
7A Boulder at Pet Therapy
Orgoglione sit thumbnail
Orgoglione sit
7B Boulder at Pet Therapy
Particelle elementari thumbnail
Particelle elementari stand thumbnail
Fly down and avoid the stone thumbnail
God Save the Queen thumbnail
Claca thumbnail
6C Boulder at Pet Therapy
Luna Nera thumbnail
Luna Nera
6A Boulder at Pet Therapy
Kindergarten thumbnail
6A Boulder at Kindergarten
Dio mona thumbnail
Mono di dire thumbnail
Mono di dire stand thumbnail
right of Zona Cesarini thumbnail
Zona Cesarini thumbnail
Bridge over the troubled water thumbnail
Bridge over the troubled water stand thumbnail
Nord fön-sezené thumbnail
Schnittstelle thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Chipped roof
Solbruchstelle thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Chipped roof
Project thumbnail
Midnight Lighting of Ticino thumbnail
Pikanto thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Midnight Lightning
No Name thumbnail
Pollice Verde thumbnail
Link thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Midnight Lightning
Fatti ma non Foste thumbnail
Gaudium Maximum thumbnail
Dr. Sevenbee thumbnail
Twin Spark thumbnail
Burn Out thumbnail
Tshabalala thumbnail
Miss Muretto thumbnail
Take a Chance thumbnail
Take a Chance
6C+ Boulder at Take a chance
Too High thumbnail
Too High
6C+ Boulder at Take a chance
Mascherina thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Mascherina
Turtles thumbnail
6A Boulder at Mascherina
Giro Arrosto thumbnail
Giro Arrosto
6A+ Boulder at Mascherina
Sanderos thumbnail
6A Boulder at Sanderos
Calimero thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Calimero
Ephira thumbnail
8C+ Boulder at Sissyfuss
Aka midnight lighting of Ticino Sit thumbnail
No topo image available
7A+ Boulder at Opal
Chironico Schattental

The area is access sensitive!

Please make sure to close all fences and gates for the horses.

The boulders in the river can we wet during melt-season and depending on the dam upstream.
Be aware of flush floods due to the dam.