Chironico is one of the most popular bouldering areas in Europe. Together with Cresciano and Magic Wood, it's a must-visit destination in Switzerland and there’s a good reason for that. In a rather compact area you can find more than 2000 boulder problems within a rather short walking distance surrounded by a beautiful mountain landscape.

The rock type is excellent quality gneiss with good friction, technical foot holds and overhangs. The typical Chironico route consists from overhangs with crimps, but you'll find all kinds of styles in the area.

There’s routes for all levels and the most common grades fall between 6A-7B. This makes it a great destination for both beginners and more advanced climbers. The terrain is pretty flat and thanks to the paths it’s rather easy to move around in the area. This also makes many landings pleasant. Chironico is very suitable for families with kids as the approaches are short (1-25min) and often the ground is safe for the little ones to roam around.

Most popular seasons in Chironico are spring and autumn, when the temperatures are often pleasant both for hanging out and low enough to have a good friction. If you're looking for the very best friction, then winter is your choice but then the weather is also more unpredictable with a higher chance for snow and rain. Summer can work if you don't mind the heat and not-so-amazing friction.

Chironico Schattental

The area is access sensitive!

Please make sure to close all fences and gates for the horses.

The boulders in the river can we wet during melt-season and depending on the dam upstream.
Be aware of flush floods due to the dam.