Salmelanlampi is a small bouldering crag with several aesthetic boulders in a beautiful forest. Some of the proudest lines might be a bit high for some climbers but for those who enjoy it you're in for a treat. Stone quality is good but in some places still a bit brittle. Footholds may still crumble and brake so keep that in mind when climbing.

Access is only a few minutes from the parking spots. Logging trucks use the road often so please keep this in mind when parking.

There is a summer cottage near the main bouldering sector. So keep the area clean, brush your tickmarks after you leave and keep noise to a minimun.

trivia: If driving from the south through Vääksy there is a wonderful restaurant called Kanavan Kunkku which is a perfect place to stop on the way. Sysmä on myös iha vieressä.

Routes on Salmelanlampi
55 boulder
Premium topo by Team Rapala
Oliver Petäjä ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
from Helsinki, Finland
Jarmo Annunen
from Espoo
Robo Annunen
from Phoebos

The area is access sensitive!

Parking spot is good for 2 cars. There is a summer cottage close by so please don't shout. Keep the area clean and respect the locals. Thank you!

Parkkialueelle mahtuu kaksi autoa. Alueen lähellä on kesämökki, joten älkää huudelko tai häiritkö. Siivotkaa jälkenne ja kunnioittakaa paikallisia. Kiitos!