Do you want to take a break from the huge overhangs and the tufas of Leonidio’s crags and take amazing climbing pictures with the sea in the background? Sabaton and Cool at the Pool are the perfect spots for you!
Sabaton sector counts over 65 routes and serves good all the climbers that are comfortable with the sixth and the seventh grade and with routes that are not so long. The lines are spreaded along slabs, vertical and slightly overhanging walls of high quality limestone. Crimpers and pockets rule here, but the routes in the middle have also some small and nice tufas.
The North-East exposure of Sabaton and the wind coming from the sea allow to climb also in the afternoons of the hot seasons. The crag base is fine and children friendly. The nice olive grove allow to pic-nic and set up hammocks.
Cool at the Pool is composed of two large boulders by the sea. The few routes go from 5b to 7a and are quite bouldery, since the difficulties are generally concentrated in the first meters. The boulders have South exposure.
Both sectors are very close to Leonidio and their walking approach is really short. The equipment is good and new, since they were bolted with corrosion resistant bolts in the 2017/2018.
The belay points of Cool at the Pool sector are a little bit uncomfortable on a stony ground, but the fantastic spot and the good rock pay back the effort.

Sabaton and Cool at the pool are a must stop among the crags of Leonidio. The good climbing, the breathtaking view, the short approach and the possibility of having a swim in the sea are the perfect ingredients to spend a beautiful day with friends.


The two sectors were equipped in 2017/2018. Sabaton was developed by Remy and Grobéty and part of the work was done by their friends J. Schulz, S. Klammer, M. Schreiber and T. Strutenschi. Cool at the Pool was discovered and set up by Christian Wahle, helped also by A. Wenzel, E. Danesi, J. Werg and O. Robinson.