Rocher Greau is a sector if you want to crank hard and high - to put it short.

The boulders are generally high (even over 8 meters), the landings are good, but it doesn't change the fact that the air time is substantial when you are falling.

The boulders are pretty spread apart on a steep hill, except the "main area" where Tigre et Dragon, Les Conquistadores, Little Big Boss, Megalithe and Supplement des Armes reside.

The others might be a challenge to find without 27Crags =) Now it really is a breeze. Just check where you are on the map and start walking to the direction of the boulders.

These more or less hidden gems include problems like: Elephantiasis, Le Dessinateur, Rive droite - Rive Gauche, Grazie Mille to name a few.

Bring a bunch of crash pads and friends to spot, you're good to go =) The problems are good!

The area has very good coverage in general, so possible to use online guide as well.

The area is kind of family friendly, for a lot of boulders it's possible to get a stroller to, and the approach in general is really short, so short legs can easily walk there.