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Satan m'Habite (raccourci), V5+
Start with the big hold in the middle of the roof of Satan m'Habite, in the big roof/prow in the south of the area.
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@ 10:01
BlocBusters Bouldering almost 3 years ago.
@ 10:01
BlocBusters Bouldering almost 3 years ago.
Timo Etterer almost 3 years ago.

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Thomas Stallinger
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Ilya Kazennov
Padde Paddsson
Padde Paddsson
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Kevin Butters
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cool roof, too tired at the end of the day to go from the sit , but looking forward to bagging this one next trip
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Anssi Laatikainen
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Assis ensreissulla. Tämä oli hieno.
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Guiz Augiat
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jacky godoffe dans Out Of Sight
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2017 ausgebouldert. Lösng über Hook rechts und überziehen links möglich. Variante rechte Hand an Kante. Andere meist gekletterte Beta mit linke Hand an Kante war mir schon am Einstieg nicht möglich.