Routes on Punkaharju DWS

20 DWS

Activities on this crag

Punkaharju DWS

The area is access sensitive!

By car: Continue from P marker by foot. Also new harvester-made trail near parking spots will take you straight to the cliff. ONLY ONE CAR can drive to the end of the road because there´s going to be harvester machinery in summer 2021 and they need to turn their truck in that spot. If possible, try to pack your group in one car and leave the other cars to Vuoriniemi cemetery for example. Many could think its needless to say about not making campfire in the woods nearby. Specially on hot summer days when Forest Fire Warning is valid. Despite that climbers have been making fires in the area. This can lead to heavy access issues so please follow the normal guidelines.

The cliff is best to approach from the west side and it might take some effort since there is no clear path. Blue path is marked with signs on tree branches, please try to follow it to make path more pleasant. Mosquito repellent or long sleeve shirt might be a good idea for the approach.

Sauna raft is situated in the north-west end of the cliff where its more covered from waves. Please keep the raft in same place in the future! Sauna should be lifted to the shore by 1 meter or more. CODE FOR LOCK 3401

There is a scrambling path going under the cliff from east side of the wall (on your right hand side when you look down). Scrambling is sketchy but doable. Be aware that some handhold blocks are loose. Other option is to rappel down and jumar up but be careful with moss and dirt falling from the top since there are no anchors on this cliff. Also some trees on the top are not solid!