Power Station is the largest section of Zoolander so far! Khon Kaen Climbing Club has developed a good trail system , cleaned more than 100 boulders, and established a lot of lines, but there are still so much more boulders to climb! The trail head is at ‘Sharp Curve’ sign just at the end of the fence (see photo), look to your left 450 m before Water Park. Park on the opposite side at ‘Pump Station’. The parking is small so be careful.

Once you enter the trail, you will reach the fork at a tall boulder (The Hulk). Turn left to Power Station North or turn right to Power Station South. Overall, it is less than 10 min hike. Power Station South receives more sun than Power Station North. More hueco formation and boulders are a litter aller in general.
Winter Nov - Feb is the prime time for climbing.