No special access issues

Coming from Arco, head to Nago village. At the roundabout take the exit towards Rovereto then drive on the main road till you find on the right side the brown signal “Passo S. Giovanni”. Keep going for other 160 meters and you will find the car park on the right side of the road.

Do not leave anything precious in your car, cause some thefts have already occurred in this car park.

The approach to Passo San Giovanni and Pausapranzo has changed with respect to the last years, due to roadworks that are blocking the original path. Cross the road, turn left and take the bicycle lane. Follow it, go under the tunnel and just before the first cypress tree on the right, climb the guardrail and cross the road. Now take the dirt road going into the fields and go straight on till its end (280 meters). Turn right and after about 80 meters take a small path going uphill into the stony ground. Then the path joins to another one more evident. Follow it and after few tens of meters you will find some junctions and a large boulder on the left. Go towards the boulder and take the large path that goes downhill. This path leads after about 100 meters to the first boulders of San Giovanni crag. The trails within the boulders and the main wall are clearly evident.
To reach Pausapranzo sector get to sector C of San Giovanni (where you can find Fafifurni route). Walk East direction leaving the large boulder on your left, downclimb a small wall of stones, then take the trail that goes downhill through the woods. Follow the pillars of stones till you get to another evident path. This path runs along the left side of the “lake” (the lake appears only after long rainy periods). You have follow it for about 500 meters till you find a first junction. Keep the left and continue walking for other 60 meters and take the small uphill path going left. After few meters there are some fixed ropes, then a stony ground and other ropes again. This last trail is quite steep but quickly leads to Pausapranzo.


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