Paradiset really makes up for its name. It doesn’t matter if you’re a climber or just someone who likes being outdoors, this place has a special atmosphere. The possibilities for climbing are almost endless and only a small portion of what has been climbed is presented here. Just go out there, find something that draws your attention and have fun! The only drawback is that the rock is often quite sharp, so it may not be the perfect place for successive days of bouldering.


A truly classic area of Lofoten bouldering, the Paradiset area near Kalle was supposedly discovered by Gunnar Bremnes in the ’60s when he was descending Vågakallen on the south side and hiking back along the ocean to Kalle. It wasn’t long before the first routes, and also a few boulder problems, like Billetten for example,
were established in this fantastic spot. Not much else of the bouldering history has been recorded, the local climbers who went out here just did it for fun and practice, and that's still an approach that many climbers seem to adopt here.