Cingles del Moli:
Good winter family sector. Variety of grades and good belay area. Be careful, some routes you must belay on the road.

Can Pesafigues:
Sector with some vertical pumpy routes and also technical slabby routes. It can be combined with Can Verdures (6b a 7c+) and Cova Soleiada (7c a 8c+).

Can Verdures:
Very good sector with technical routes and overhanging walls. It’s good to combine with
Can Pesafigues (5 – 6c+) and Cova Soleiada (7c – 8c+).

Cova Soleiada:
Excellent sector that offers long and very steep routes from 8a upwards, including the classic Dr. Feelgood, Esaú and Espiadimonis. It can be combined with Can Pesafigues (5+ to 6c+) and Can Verdures (6b to 7c+).

Can Torxa:
Good winter sector to climb 6th grade routes. Vertical routes and very good rock. Good cliff base and short approach.

Totxo de'n Fredi:
Short and demanding routes. Good option to warm up if you want to climb at Laboratori. Good cliff base and zero walking approach.

El Laboratori:
One of the most well-known sectors of Margalef. Bouldery, very steep and power-endurance routes. Find here classics routes like Demencia Senil or First Round First minute. Beware the vehicles, because you must belay on the road.

Can Llepafils:
First sector bolted in Margalef (1997). Perfect for beginners. Slightly slabby routes and good rock. Good cliff base but not suitable for kids.

Can Lolo:
Perfect sector for beginners. Very well bolted and very slightly slabby routes. Combine it with Can Llepafils (5 to 6b).

Can Gueli:
Very good sector to climb from 6c to 7a. Athletic routes and very good rock.

Totxo del Merendero:
Local interest only. Small sector close to the “La Presa” camping area. Narrow base.

Can Nan3:
Sector with good slab wall. Perfect for beginners. The routes are very good bolted.

Totxo Poruc:
Sector with short routes. 6th and 7th grade routes with good rock.

La Braseria:
A good sector with vertical and technical routes Excellent rock. Good for winter. Good cliff base but not suitable for kids.

Can Si fa O No Fot:
Good sector with athletic routes and very good rock. The sector is situated on the ledge with gorgeous views on the reservoir. Good cliff base but not suitable for kids.

Balco de la Penya Rioja:
Very good sector. Long routes and excellent rock. The cliff base is placed on about 40m height and the views on the reservoir are incredible. The base is comfortable but narrow. One of the best sectors to climb in summer.
/ Park in a big parking located next to the reservoir.
From Parking walk until the end of the track. Then take a track on the left, it appears to take you away from the sector but after 3 minutes the path goes up, turns to the left and heads towards the sector. There’s a fixed steel wire in the last 50m to reach the sector.