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Driving from Balaguer, take the C-12 road heading north. Approximately 400m after the Km.179 marker turn left on the L-910 and follow this for 2km to reach the village of Os de Balaguer. From the village turn right and follow a narrow road heading towards Tartareu. After 200m turn left onto a track signposted Cova dels Vilars and follow this for 1.9km to a parking area.

From here the gorge is clearly visible. Follow a path down and right across groves of almond trees, then back left and around into the gorge, passing below a fenced cave — Cova dels Vilars.
🧗‍♂️The lowest sector — Ryobi — lies just beyond the cave, 8 minutes from the parking are).
🧗‍♂️Sectors L’Heretge, Aida, Sostre Vilars and Flight to Africa follow on one after the other, with no breaks in between (9 – 13 minutes from P).
🧗‍♂️Sector Tot un Plaer is situated at the highest point of the gorge and lies separate from the previous sectors (15 minutes).
🧗‍♂️The two sectors on the opposite side of the gorge — La Guineueta and Rai Lay, are reached by following a narrow path, which branches off the main approach path near the base of sector Ryobi (10 minutes from P).

Ryobi: southwest.
L’Heretge: south/southeast.
Aida, Sostre Vilars, Flight to Africa and Tot un Plaer: predominantly south.
La Guineueta: northwest for routes 1-5, southwest for routes 6-9.
Rai Lay: northeast for routes 1-4, northwest for routes 5-8.


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