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The area is access sensitive!

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It is recommended to not climb at any sector from 10.05. - 01.06. due bird breeding. Watch out for bird nests when climbing and do not disturb them. Please avoid climbing here in this time, to not provoke climbing bans.

Depending on whether you come from the east or west and the sector you want to go to, the parking might differ. Check on the map, which one is best suited for you. Many people cycle to the crag, to avoid the expensive parking spot and shorten the not-to-long approach a bit.

To get from the parking spots to the sectors, refer to the approach track indicated don the map. All sectors are located along the path next to the lake.
If you park at P1, follow the marked hiking path, which is actually a broad gravel road, towards the east. After about 10 min you cross a big bridge and after another 2 minutes you reached sector "Podest".
To get to sector "Nordgalerie" continue along the path for another 3-5 minutes until you reach stairs that lead to the top of the tunnel/galerie under which the highway is. Go up the stairs to reach sector"Treppe" and head right/west for 80 m to get to sector"Nordgalerie".
From the top of the stairs, head left/east along the hiking path (Geerenweg) to get to the remaining sectors. They are all along this hiking path and depending on the sector it will take you about 15 to 40 minutes from P1.
From the stairs at sector Nordgallerie, it takes about 10 minutes to get to sector Trollok, along the Geerenweg.
Only for sector"Gäsi beach" you DON'T go up the stairs, but instead follow the path through the tunnel, next to the lake. In this first tunnel you go through the third opening out towards the lake. It is a bit of a scramble to get down to the start of the routes. About 15 minutes from P1.