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Access info missing

Crag is missing access information, so remember that climbing is not always permitted. When parking, remember to leave unobstructed way for local habitants and agricultural machinery. Do not litter or make unnecessarily loud noises when at the cliff. Making fire is allowed only with a permit! Read more

We like Nam Pha Pa Yai Camp

Namphapayai Camp is right now the major rock climbing site in central Thailand. It includes two walls, river wall and bat cave wall, where more than 50 routes are bolted for the moment. The route number increase every month and the potential is about 130 more for what gone become a great concentration of very hard route. The rock has some cool concretions as usual in Thailand, but also some interesting steep walls or roofs where force and technique will be needed in order to get to the anchor in a good fashion way. What makes this place the main climbing destination of the area is not only the rock and the routes but also the greenery place it is located with cool and cheap accommodation right at the bottom, the quick access from Bangkok, and the luxury to be out of the touristic mass flow. Welcome in paradise :-) More details at and also

Activities on this crag