Routes on Ourania and Symplegades Rocks

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We like Ourania and Symplegades Rocks

First 7c - bouldery Star Wars - nice Nature and a cool place
Incredible climbing in kalymnos limestone! Fun for everyone!!!
A great afternoon spot or calm hot day area. The wind constantly blows through here. When one side is in the sun, the other is in the shade so you can climb all day!

Activities on this crag

Ourania and Symplegades Rocks

The area is access sensitive!

Using the Masouri to Pothia road, head uphill on the winding road to Kamari. At the top of the hill turn left at the sign for the Kamari hotel, continue past the hotel and the church. Ahead is a left turn sign posted climbing areas. Follow the steep road to its conclusion where there are two sets of gates, park to avoid blocking the driveway. The left fence has a small gateway that allows climbers access to the climbing areas, respect the owners wishes and ensure the gate is closed after you pass by on foot. Continue up the steep drive, past the house bearing left, ahead is a gate in the wire fencing, once again ensure you close the gate after passing through. Follow the well worn path and blue paint markers far about 100m when Symblegades Petres is clearly visible to the right. For Ourania and Mystere do not turn right but continue on a level track following the occasional cairns for 5-10 minutes respectively.
Approach and parking

Park thoughtfully at the top of the steep road and avoid disturbing the residents by blocking their driveway