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The area is access sensitive!

Approach to Mavrovo Cave from the parking is via the established hiking trail trough the forrest following the markation. Once you exit the forrest, there is a via ferrata section at the entrance of the cave equipped with steel rope for attaching on self with harness and sling. After the via ferrata you are in the cave.

Performing outdoor activities like climbing is allowed but several national park rules must be obliged.
Here are few general rules and guidelines that need your attention:

🎫 ℹ️ Visitors are obligated to pay the entrance fee of €0.50 in the info center located south on the road from Mavrovi Anovi or online on the following address

⚠️When driving from Mavrovo in direction to Debar be extra careful when crossing the other lane of the road to get to the parking of the cave.

⚠️ Wearing a climbing helmet for the climber and the belayer is strongly recommended !

⚠️We strongly recommend you to put your helmet on when the Via Ferrata section starts. From this point is recommended to keep the helmet on your head at all times. When moving in group (more then 1 person) there is a high risk for triggering stone falls.
The routes are mostly clean of loose rocks but taking precautions is always a good idea.

⚠️Outdoor climbing can be considerably dangerous sport. Proper training and skills are required before engagning into practical rope climbing into the great outdoors. You are climbing on your own responsibility and you are fully aware about the consequences that might arise from your lack of experience or your missdedds.

⚠️In case if it has rained during your stay in the cave, make sure to wear your harness and use a protective sling with carabiner to attach oneself on the steel ropes on your way out in case the rock surface is still moist.

⚠️ Please do not litter the enviroment and do not leave garbage !
Please always take your garbage with you and also DON’T FORGET your cigarette 🚬 buts behind you.

🅿️Please park your vehicle considerably, leaving enough space so other climbers can park and maneuver.

⚠️Camping is not allowed unless you have camper van. Please check local accommodation. We recomend Ski Hut Gorica - +38971555185 (Viber, WhatsApp).

⚠️ 🔥 Starting a fire is strictly prohibited by the National Park regulations. For outdoor cooking please use your gas stove responsibly.

🚾Please pick your toilet spot carefully, making sure you are away from any trails, climbing routes or sectors. Here is a common rule to go into toilet for the second job at least, outside of the cave where rain reaches so it can dissolve the waist.
After your call-of-the-nature business please burry your waste with stones or soil !