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The area is access sensitive!

If you are driving from the town of Hvar, just before the tunel you will see a dirt road that leads to Sv. Nedjelja. Follow this dirt road until you see the canyon to your left. If you are driving from Jelsa take the road towards Sv. Nedjelja trough the old Pitve tunnel. In the Sv. Nedjelja village, there is a dirt road that leads to Hvar. Follow that road until you see the canyon.
Approach to the crag starts from the dirt road Hvar-Sveta Nedjelja. Park the car above cove and walk to the left for sector B ( 5 mins) or up to gully for the big cave (10-15min).
As in all cases on Hvar, you may be passing over private property to reach the crag, so be respective to the owners and leave everything as you found it.