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구만산 펜션을 검색해 가면 펜션 앞 공터에 주차후 3분이면 계곡에 볼더를 볼 수 있습니다. Read more

We like 구만산 계곡 (Guman Valley)

Guman Valley is a new bouldering area which has been developed in 2014. Kuman valley is about 13Km from Miryang IC of Busan-Daegu express way. It takes just 1 hour from Busan,Daegu and Ulsan city. About 10 boulders and dozens of problems already establishe. But plenty of potentials are still wating your touch. Please keep these rules. -Don't leave anything(Trashes, chalk marks and any gears) -No fire -No loudness -Pleas use near pensions(Guest house) to help local economy

Activities on this crag