Close to Roč and near the road leading towards the hamlet Krkuž, you can find two smaller crags: Krkuž, which is a bit older, and Balcony. Krkuž was equipped in 2004 by local climbers Goran Matika and Gianfranco Dušić. The crag is easily accessible, but due to the big overhang, it is interesting only for very good climbers who like short overhanged routes. Bolting is good and bolts are close together. The rock is still a bit loose, but will be ok with more climbers comming. You can climb here also in the rain.
Balcony is a newer crag which has been equipped by Italian climbers. The approach is somewhat tricky, the routes are well equipped but with bolts far apart. The routes here are also rather hard and climbable only if you are a really good climber,. They have endurance pieces and hard nasty cruxes. Only the left part, so called Berto’s cave, offers a few shorter and easier routes, with not so big distance between bolts. Do not climb closed projects!
There is some potential for new routes on both crags. With some more effort especialy Krkuž can be a fun crag.
Accommodation: The campground on Raspadali­ca. Private accommodation is available in Roč and its surroundings.