The garding bright red rock wall above the traditional town of Leonidio, "Kokkinovrachos". This protecting shield faces attracted climbers already back in the 80s. Around a docent of trad-lines were opened by greek pioneers. For some reason for the following 2 decades the potential diamond, Leonidio as a major climbing area, was still remained unpolished while it's existing routes were almost forgotten.

Coming back now, you get to see a very different Kokkinovrachos with a development that you'd not expect from such a majestic wall of decent rock quality.

The sophisticated swiss Remy Brothers and their partners equipped more than 120 sport routes in the lower 20 - 40m of the 200m wall, hindering the potential to make Leonidio also an excellent multi-pitch climbing destination (as it had startet in the 80s) by bolting quantity instead of quality.

Lower to mid-grade sport climbing routes on the sunny foot of the large wall for the colder month of the year. Be prepared for sun all day. When climbing don't forget to enjoy the view once in a while, it's outrageous.

The sector "Petalo" though has taken the logical development with top multi-pitch climbs in both trad. or fully bolted protection.

In Area C is best for climbers that either didn't come by car to Leonidio or want to walk through town to a sector. There are three main parking spots:

1) Main parking of Leonidio next to the central bridge (feel free to use the public toilet here): Sectors in walking distance: Orama, Rocspot, Douvari, Petalo - 30min
2) Health center. Sectors in walking distance: Hospital, Red Rock - 20min
3) Cemetery. Sectors in walking distance: Tsipouro-Tsipoura, Namaste, Mars, Phobos - 30min

Generally speaking most of these ten sectors have are facing the sun and are in low altitude. Therefore you'll find pleasant conditions in springs, autumn, winter. They also share a scenic view overlooking Leonidio.
The majority on Kokkinovrachos are lower-grade routes, the further you go right (Namaste, Mars) the harder it can get.