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217 boulder

We like Knutby

Mina hemorter. Bra vibbar, lugnt o skönt. Som ett "minifontan". Fin klättring för alla. Historisk plats. Bra höjd på vissa problem och fin kvalité på sten. Succé helt enkelt.
Fint område (block) med mycket att göra. Har dock mislsyckats med mycket här, så mycket spännande kvar!
Very nice boulders(!).. to rainy at last visit.. love to go there again!

Activities on this crag


Climbing has been limited!

Climbing on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) between the dates of October 1st and 31st of January is highly discouraged due to continuous hunting on weekends. The local climbing club discourages climbing in both Knutby and Mauritzholm. For more information check for updates on the facebook page of Linköpings Klätterklubb or more specifically, send an e-mail to

Furthermore: Don't park your cars in the uphill curve but in the spot that is marked on the map. Updates on this will come and as above mentioned, will be on the facebook page of Linköpings Klätterklubb.