Routes on Kalkunperinvuori

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The area is access sensitive!

If a nearby sauna cabin is in use, it is a good policy to refrain from using at least the right edge of the cliff.

🚗Driving Directions
⛴Cross the Ströömi Vartsala ferry.
After about one and a half kilometers you will reach Vartsalantie, which will take you to School and Pohjavuori. Continue straight onto Vuosnaistentie. 2.4 kilometers after the T-junction of Vartsalantie, there is a turn on an anonymous forest road that leads directly to the foot of Kalkunperi. This is the next possible deviation to the left of Vuosnaistentie after the Kalviikinpuhti.
You will notice that you have passed by when you see the view of Hilappajärvi on your left and when you arrive at the intersection of Vartsalantie and Syväniementie. Turn back.

You can leave your car in the paved parking lot at the lake, but you are also allowed to drive all the way to your destination. On the right side of the forest road, at least on dry roads, there are good places to park the car.

N=67231333.920, E=186195.467