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Jungsanri valley is beautiful and stunning with pure water and rocks. Style of rocks is mixed with water polished granite and gray lava stone. Hundreds of free standing boulders have various style of problems from easy slab to steep roof. ■Careful Beach sector and Above water fall sector are inside of Jirisan National Park. So don't put off shirts and don't swim and don't bring your dogs. Occasionally, Rangers patroll and enforse especially in summer season. They don't mention about bouldering in the valley. Camping and fire is not allowed. Don't leave any trash. Don't be aloud. ■Direction Bus : you can take inter-city bus for Jungsanri valley of Mt.Jiri from all around of Korea, or first, get to the bus terminal of Jinju city, Kyungnam province and take bus to Jungsanri. It takes 1 hour. Car: Search '지리산 휴게소(경남 산청군 시천면 중산리519-1) on Navigation. Exit Dansung(단성IC) interchange of Daejeon-Tongyeong Express way(대전통영고속도로) and drive to Jungsanri for 20minutes. ■Access boulders You can find bridge in front of jungsanri bus parking. Boulders is starting Beneath the Bridge. You can access between Bridge, Waterfall and Above Waterfall by walking through the Valley. But You'd better access Beach sector from Minbak(천왕봉아래민박)before last parking lot. *Minbak is a dormitory with cooking facilities. ■Dormitory There are so many Minbak and Pention. You'd better reserve during busy summer season, July and August. *Minbak(천왕봉아래민박) Tel 010-5053-1385 ■Copyrights and Naming All rights of this contents reserved to RockOdyssey. Please confirm with RockOdyssey or Christopher Lindenberg who first developed whether it is already developed or named when you find new stuffs or lines. RockOdyssey(Kim Young Wha) 010-4190-4592

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