Abstrakt thumbnail
8a Sport at Hylteberget
Tarzan thumbnail
Haricot Verts thumbnail
Sick-sack thumbnail
Ben Hur thumbnail
Ben Hur
6b+ Sport at Övre Hylteberget
Lätt som en plätt thumbnail
Finn fem fel thumbnail
Finn fem fel
7a Sport at Plockepinn
Mefisto thumbnail
6c Sport at Hylteberget
Plockepinn thumbnail
6c+ Sport at Plockepinn
Milkeveien thumbnail
Monopol thumbnail
6c Sport at Plockepinn
Wunderbaum thumbnail
Raksöm thumbnail
6b+ Sport at Övre Hylteberget
Kanten thumbnail
6b+ Sport at En trappa upp
Bearnie thumbnail
Solrosen thumbnail
7b Sport at Hylteberget
Obelisken thumbnail
7a+ Sport at Paradiset
Sfinxen thumbnail
7b Sport at Paradiset
Dragkedjan thumbnail
Highstep thumbnail
Tigerögat thumbnail
Gökboet thumbnail
Lille Skutt thumbnail
Mångalen thumbnail
Four Fingers Folded thumbnail
The Problem is my Solution thumbnail
Forex thumbnail
8a Sport at Forex
Leffes bultade spricka thumbnail
Sputnik thumbnail
7c Sport at Hylteberget
Netochka Nezvanova thumbnail
Houdini thumbnail
7c+ Sport at Hylteberget
På sikt thumbnail
På sikt
5 Traditional at Hylteberget
Maskrosen thumbnail
7a Traditional at Hylteberget
Pax vobiscum thumbnail
Kristallnatten thumbnail
Radbandet thumbnail
6b+ Sport at En trappa upp
Faraos cigarrer thumbnail
Faraos cigarrer
5 Traditional at Paradiset
Fy farao thumbnail
Fy farao
6a Traditional at Paradiset
Cleopatra thumbnail
6a Traditional at Paradiset
Relief thumbnail
6c Traditional at Paradiset
Cheops thumbnail
7a Traditional at Paradiset
Tjocka Berta thumbnail
Tjocka Berta
6a+ Traditional at Paradiset
Kanonleden thumbnail
6a Traditional at Paradiset
High Wire thumbnail
High Wire
6c Traditional at Paradiset
Mot sol thumbnail
Mot sol
6b+ Sport at Övre Hylteberget
Törnrosa thumbnail
Astragalus thumbnail
6b+ Traditional at Övre Hylteberget
Innuendo thumbnail
6b+ Traditional at Övre Hylteberget
Hybris thumbnail
6c Traditional at Övre Hylteberget
Korint thumbnail
7c Sport at Hylteberget
Labyrint thumbnail
7c Sport at Hylteberget
Ingen överhängande fara thumbnail
Kriminell kantarell thumbnail
Konkret thumbnail
8a+ Sport at Hylteberget
Grottan thumbnail
4 Traditional at Hylteberget
Nya bondespelet thumbnail
Debris thumbnail
6a Traditional at Plockepinn
Rulltrappan thumbnail
6a Sport at Rulltrappan
Skallagrim thumbnail
7b+ Partially bolted at Forex
Pirayaklubben thumbnail
8b Sport at Forex
Toker thumbnail
6b+ Traditional at Övre Östra Hylteberget
Ekorren thumbnail
Blixt Gordon thumbnail
Bee Bop thumbnail
Bee Bop
5+ Partially bolted at Övre Östra Hylteberget
Assar thumbnail
7a+ Sport at Forex
Le Penible thumbnail
Le Penible
8a Sport at Hylteberget
Ekologisk rensning thumbnail
Jet Set thumbnail
Jet Set
7b+ Sport at Nedre Hylteberget
Höstrusk thumbnail
6a Traditional at Nedre Hylteberget
Sleipner thumbnail
Kompost thumbnail
This Is the Fucking Problem thumbnail
Skade thumbnail
6b+ Sport at Plockepinn
Skalleper thumbnail
7b Sport at Forex
Blåbär thumbnail
Humlan thumbnail
Humlans flykt thumbnail
Grävlingen anfaller thumbnail
Barfotamannen thumbnail
Ugglan thumbnail
Spindeln thumbnail
Blixten thumbnail
Face of Spades thumbnail
Chilla thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Hylteberget
Gammeldans thumbnail
6b+ Sport at Plockepinn
Dansa efter min pipa thumbnail
Tito thumbnail
5 Sport at En trappa upp
Helkroppsjam thumbnail
Flash Point thumbnail
Flash Point
6c+ Sport at Paradiset
Sycamore Tree thumbnail
Jet Lift thumbnail
Du och jag ska gå på bio thumbnail
Skalman thumbnail
En kil i raden thumbnail
Stampa med Leroy thumbnail
Spiraltrappan thumbnail
6a+ Sport at Rulltrappan
Brandtrappan thumbnail
Kyrktrappan thumbnail
4+ Sport at Rulltrappan
Skål Olof! thumbnail
Skål Olof!
8b+ Sport at Hylteberget
Munchkin thumbnail
5 Traditional at Nedre Hylteberget
Ballerinan thumbnail
5 Traditional at Nedre Hylteberget
Rätt lätt thumbnail
Rätt lätt
5 Traditional at Paradiset
Twiggy thumbnail
5 Traditional at Paradiset
Röd thumbnail
4 Traditional at Övre Övre Hylteberget
Grön thumbnail
Blå thumbnail
Lila thumbnail
? Traditional at Övre Övre Hylteberget
Korsstygn thumbnail
8a Summit thumbnail
7 Summits thumbnail
7 Summits
5 Traditional at Övre Hylteberget
Stradivarius thumbnail
7a Traditional at Övre Hylteberget
Mini-hopp thumbnail
Meteorit thumbnail
6c+ Traditional at Övre Östra Hylteberget
Lite svårare thumbnail
Schaman thumbnail
7c Sport at En trappa upp
En nunna i raden thumbnail
Det var inte jag thumbnail
Loke thumbnail
6c Sport at Plockepinn
Ull thumbnail
6b+ Sport at Plockepinn
? thumbnail
Twist and Shout thumbnail
Spanska trappan thumbnail
Spanska trappan
4 Traditional at Rulltrappan
Vindstrappan thumbnail
Utvecklingstrappan thumbnail
3 Traditional at Rulltrappan
? thumbnail
? Sport at Plockepinn
Hylte trad thumbnail
Hylte trad
6a Traditional at Hylteberget
Don't Trust the Man with the shiny gear thumbnail
Facelift thumbnail
Blotta förskräckelsen thumbnail
Sista minuten thumbnail
Sista minuten
6a+ Traditional at Nedre Hylteberget
No topo image available
Lillegårdsskolan thumbnail
7-års kalaset thumbnail
Gympadojor thumbnail
4 Traditional at Nedre Hylteberget
Le Lotus Bleu thumbnail
Le Lotus Bleu
7c+ Sport at Hylteberget
Le Precible thumbnail
Le Precible
7c Sport at Hylteberget
Särimer thumbnail
7a+ Sport at Hylteberget
Callisto thumbnail
7c Sport at Hylteberget
Magalháes hade det inte heller så lätt, för på den tiden trodde man att jorden var platt thumbnail
? thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Hylteberget
Project thumbnail
? Sport at Hylteberget

The area is access sensitive!

Very sensitive access situation.

Keep extremely low profile when climbing on routes close the the houses.

Do not park anywhere else except on the parking lots given above.

Make sure your bike is not in any way obstructing the locals' possibility to come through. No bike parking at Forex.

At the sectors Forex, Hylteberget and Nedre Hylteberget extra low profile is necessary. Do not scream in frustration, do not hang up any hammocks, consider another sector if you have kids on the "loose". Also, if there are already some 15 climbers at the crag, you should probably consider climbing at another sector.

Check even https://access.bergsport.se/hylteberget/.

Take the E20 eastwards. Leave the motorway at exit 80, Partillemotet (signs for Partille C/Landvetter/Sävedalen) and turn left onto Kung Göstas väg. Follow the road over a bridge and turn right at the roundabout onto Lexbyvägen. Follow Lexbyvägen for about 1,5 km, turn left onto Nygårdsvägen and then directly right. Car parking spaces can be found in the front of the school (max parking time 4 hours).
The drive is about 10 km.
On weekdays after 6 pm. and during weekends there are parking spots available at Lillegårdsskolan.
Bus: stop Lexby (line 519).
Train: Partille station.
From the parking lot go west between the houses (see the map on p. 247) and you should come to the parking lot at the end of Klockar Johans väg after some 10 minutes. The main crag Hylteberget is in front of you.
Approach descriptions from the parking lot below Hylteberget to the different sectors are given below.
PARADISET: from the car park below Hylteberget, follow the path which goes to the left of the crag (yellow/white, green/white and blue signs). You should see the crag in front of you after about 700 m. Alternatively, you can leave your car at the parking lot for Ulvåsen.
ÖVRE ÖVRE HYLTEBERGET: follow the path to Övre Hylteberget and continue past this sector to a split. Follow the right path and turn right and backtrack till you see the crag on your left. You should see the crag to the left after about 900 m walk-in.
ÖVRE HYLTEBERGET: from the car park below Hylteberget follow the path which goes to the left of the crag (yellow/white, green/white and blue signs). Follow that path for about 300 m and you’ll see the left part of the crag to the right of you. Alternatively, you can reach the right part of the crag from the sector Övre Östra Hylteberget.
ÖVRE ÖSTRA HYLTEBERGET: from the car park below Hylteberget follow the path which goes to the right of the crag (first away from the crag and then backwards along a path with yellow/white and red signs). After about 100 m turn left, leave the path and scramble to the top. After all, scrambling you should be at the sector En trappa upp. Continue past this sector and soon you should see Övre Östra Hylteberget in front of you. The walk is about 300 m.
EN TRAPPA UPP: from the car park below Hylteberget follow the path which goes to the right of the crag (first away from the crag and then backwards along a path with yellow/wh