Hvarnes is one on south Norways biggest cliffs. About 60 meters on the tallest and 15 meter overhang!

The quality of the crag is superb. Good rock, mostly long routes, but also a few short ones. In the summertime this crag is getting to hot. It`s formed like a U and is directed towards southwest/west where the sun heats up the wall.

It can handle a lot of rain! You can climb here even if it is a tropical rainstorm. But after days of rain there can be seepage on several routes.


The cliff was found by Runar Carlsen in early 90`s.

Leif Henning Borch Johnsen and Torkel Røisli has most of the FA on this wall.

Sunday 24.10.2010 was a milestone for Hvarnes and Norway, with Stian Christoffersen sendage of Shantaram 8c