Climbing has been limited!

- Do not make the mistake of parking too early; despite the no-go sign, the only permitted parking space is along the Hooperinvuorentie.
- Routes 1 to 5 are calmed, the area to the left of the Suppilovahvero. Climbing is allowed on routes 6-26.
- It is forbidden to open new routes.
- On the right side of the cliff, red anemones grow in the rain sector in the spring. Let them grow.
- Walnut bushes must not be damaged. You drive over the rock from the right through a big path.
- Much of the Hooperinvori area is protected - neither by installing bolts nor by removing vegetation.
- Salmitunlahti takes the sounds to the cottagers, so the unsurpassed shouts of joy and annoyance must be saved elsewhere.
- Dogs must not be kept free or left in the wild.
- Camping is prohibited on or near the rock.