Routes on Hooperinvuori

23 trad

Activities on this crag


Climbing has been limited!

- Do not make the mistake of parking too early; despite the no-go sign, the only permitted parking space is along the Hooperinvuorentie.
- Routes 1 to 5 are calmed, the area to the left of the Suppilovahvero. Climbing is allowed on routes 6-26.
- It is forbidden to open new routes.
- On the right side of the cliff, red anemones grow in the rain sector in the spring. Let them grow.
- Walnut bushes must not be damaged. You drive over the rock from the right through a big path.
- Much of the Hooperinvori area is protected - neither by installing bolts nor by removing vegetation.
- Salmitunlahti takes the sounds to the cottagers, so the unsurpassed shouts of joy and annoyance must be saved elsewhere.
- Dogs must not be kept free or left in the wild.
- Camping is prohibited on or near the rock.


General access and climbing instructions for Kustavi climbing:

- Always behave politely - the local people you encounter at the crag may be the landowner.

- No littering.

- No campfires.

- No camping at the climbing crags. This is a preemptive recommendation to avoid access issues due to high amount of climbers visiting the island.

- There are plenty of nice options for accommodation in Kustavi. Check out Visit Kustavi web pages (in finnish):

- When parking the cars, use some common sense and do not block any roads or access to the fields. If the marked parking space is full, find some other.

-Chipping routes is prohibited. However, there may be some loose blocks or flakes, which can be dislodged if considered a security risk.

-Unclimbed lines are free for everyone to establish new routes, if not marked as reserved project. Guideline is to reserve maximum of one project per climber per one crag per one season. After one season the project reservation is released.

-When establishing a new route, the first ascensionist is expected to clean the route thoroughly.

-There are some older routes left unclimbed for many years, gathering moss. Bring your wire brush and get some respect from climbing community by retro-cleaning and climbing the forgotten gems!