The Flatanger area has undoubtedly the best rock quality in Norway. The texture and shapes are from another dimension! The bouldering here has the potential to be just as popular as the lead climbing in the infamous Hanshallaren cave.


The first boulders in this area where climbed in 2014 by Max Raeuber and other german climbers. For example the super classic "More than I had" was put up back then. Things where quiet for a couple of years until Martin Mobråten rediscovered the place during the corona pandemic in 2020. Thilo Schröter and Jon Pål Hamre soon joined Martin and established the majority of the remaining lines together.


The area is access sensitive!

PARKING! Parking is only allowed on the grass field marked on the map. Turn your car 90 degrees from the dirt road and drive onto the field, so that as many cars as possible can park (back or front of the car facing the dirt road). Don't drive further onto the field than necessary. Start parking from top to bottom. Leave as little space as possible between each car. If parking is full - go to another sector.

SHITTING! If you can't hold it anymore, go really far into the woods, dig a hole (with your hands if necessary), and fill the hole up after your done. Leave no trace!