Routes on Gunnarsklint

54 boulder

We like Gunnarsklint

A cool area with lots of overhanging boulders around 7A/B
A Bushwacking approach and a few nice blocks. Good for a relaxed afternoon session.
Good quality problems, overhanging with a few exceptions. On the negative side may be mentioned that I've managed to collect a lot of ticks (punkki in Finnish, small annoying blood sucking creatures possibly carriying diseases)on my visits here.

Activities on this crag


The area is access sensitive!

The local farm is not too keen on climbers. So make sure to be super friendly and behave extra well.

Park along Södravägen as indicated on the map. If you take care about parking, you will fir 3-4 cars at the indicated spot, but one or 2 may be blocked in.
Alternatively, you may find parking on the other side of the road. But remember to be extremely careful not to drive/park on the private roads and not to block any roads even for big agricultural machines. 🚜

🚶‍♂️ - 20min
The approach can be quite a struggle and strollers are a definite no. There is no proper trail, but the indicated trail is probably your best option. Going from "Small Cave" clockwise has a decent path. Going straight to '"highball wall" involves more bushwalking.