Punnta Espadelles:
Very good sector with vertical and slightly steep routes. From 6b to 7b grade routes. Almost all routes are good. Good rock. Good belay area for kids, but a bit narrow.

Totxo de les Espadelles:
New and aesthetic wall with 5th and 6th grade slab routes, and two 7th grade overhanging routes at the right side. Technical climbing and very good rock. Fast approach and comfortable but narrow base. Not suitable for kids.

Raco de les Espadelles:
Probably the most popular and well-known sector in Margalef. A lot of routes, good rock and, most of all, incredibly overhanging walls. You can find here all grades, from 6th grade routes to hard projects. Fast and easy approach, and magnificent belay area for kids.

La Mainadera:
Excellent sector that combines 6th grade vertical walls with 2 awesome overhang caves, full of 8th grade routes, and some 7th grade routes. Perfect belay area for the kids. Climbing is possible throughout the year.

Good sector with vertical 6th grade routes and some harder and steeper routes. Excellent rock. Good belay area for the kids, but a bit narrow.

Cova del Cavall:
Excellent sector. Very steep cave with 7th and 8th grade routes. On both sides of the cave on can find vertical walls, short with very good rock, full of 5th and 6th grade routes. The cliff base in the cave is perfect for kids. The cliff base of the vertical walls is good, but a bit narrow.

Espadelles Extension:
Excellent sector. Resistance, vertical and slightly overhanging 20m long routes. The wall has some of the best rock in Margalef. One of the best sectors to climb 7th grade routes, although there are very good 6th and 8th grade routes too, like «El ladrón de orquídeas», one of the jewels of Margalef. The approach is a bit long, but the belay area is perfect for kids.

Bona Vista:
New sector with vertical and short routes, with very good rock. Good sector to climb in busy days. Most of the routes are in the 5th and 6th grade. Good for combining with Espadelles Extensión. Avoid windy days.

Bombo Taronja:
New sector with long and steep 8th grade routes. If you want to climb calm with less crowd it’s a good option for you. Long but easy approach. Good cliff base.