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Eremo di San Colombano

The area is access sensitive!

Head to Rovereto and reach the roundabout close to the “Poli” supermarket. This roundabout is just before the large roundabout in front of the train station if you come from Arco, while it is just after if you arrive from Trento. At the roundabout take the exit towards Isera, then at the next one head to centro storico / S. Colombano. Drive straight following San Colombano indications till you get to a church, where you have to keep the right and after 280 meters you will get to the war museum. Now drive on the main road for 1.9 km till you reach a small bridge. Go over it and take the road on the right with the indications to eremo di San Colombano / centrale San Colombano. Go downhill the road till its end and park your car.

To reach sector A you have to come back on the paved road, get to the bridge and cross it. Go over the junction with the road on the right, then look for a path on the right side of the road that in about 5 minutes lead to the sector.

To reach all the other sectors reach the small bridge with the gate and cross it. You will easily get to the base of the crag. The approach to Aria and Acqua sectors is along exposed ledges, so pay attention.

NOTE: the access to sectors Aria, Terra, Fuoco and Acqua are sensitive to the opening hours of the hermitage: from 13 of June to 29 of September, the the visits are allowed from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00, but during August it is possible to climb all days, cause the gate at the entrance is always opened.
Sector A is always accessible.